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Faculty Overview

The department integrates research and teaching across all levels of biological disciplines within Chuka University. We offer comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate education in the wide range of biological disciplines from molecules to ecosystems and the biosphere.

The Department of Biological Sciences has witnessed remarkable growth–with regard to the number of students registered, new staff joining the department, acquisition of new equipment and overall infrastructure. During the last couple of years it has embarked on a steady acquisition of biological laboratory equipment in order to enhance quality teaching and research.


To be a leading Department in the provision of quality education, training and research in the areas of Botany and Zoology for sustainable national and global development.


To generate and disseminate knowledge through collaborative research with local and foreign institutions in the fields of Botany and Zoology to nurture an intellectual culture that integrates theory with practice.

Quality Objectives

  1. To stimulate student's interest and understanding of Botany and Zoology to prepare them for careers in research in relevant government and non-governmental institutions, and also as workers in industry, private sector and as teachers of Biology in secondary schools
  2. To produce high quality graduates for research, innovation, consultancy and dissemination in specific disciplines in Botany and Zoology
  3. To initiate collaborative research with local and foreign institutions in the fields of Botany and Zoology to develop multi-disciplinary approaches to address societal problems
  4. To initiate and participate in community outreach and extension services for the welfare of the society


PhD. Programmes:

ü  Doctor of Philosophy in Botany

ü  Doctor of Philosophy in Zoology

MSc. Programmes:

ü  Master of Science in Botany (Genetics)

ü  Master of Science in Botany (Microbiology and Biotechnology)

ü  Master of Science in Botany (Plant Pathology)


Bachelors Programmes:

ü  Bachelor of Science in Biology

ü  Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture

ü  Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Biotechnology.


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