Dr. Sammy Musundi Wabomba


The mission of the faculty of science and technology is to generate, transmit and preserve quality knowledge by promoting independent and interactive learning and a scientific inquiry in culture and striving for diverse national and global development in pure and applied research in sciences and technology, while seeking to integrate these perspectives. This is in line with the university’s vision and mission as elaborated in the strategic plan.

The faculty comprises of: physical sciences, computer science (ICT) and biological sciences.The faculty educates outstanding scholars, researchers and specialists, who contribute innovatively to the development and well being of humanity.

The faculty collaborates with community and industry at national and international levels in sharing knowledge and fostering of freedom and peaceful coexistence. In the resent past, the faculty was bought diverse equipment including the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) for research and learning purposes. Plans are underway to establish a state of the art science research park aimed at conducting of cutting edge research and up scaling of innovations to boosts technology transfer to the public and business industry.




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