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In 2010, Chuka University College created the department of Basic Sciences under the then Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology. The necessity of this was to offer the basic science degree programmes with specialization in chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biological Sciences and Computer Science. Besides it was to offer service courses to other programmes. The first group of students was admitted during the 2010/2011 academic year which comprised students Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education in Science.

Due to the growing demand of need of expansion on the programmes offered by this department, the department was split into four independent departments namely physical Sciences-comprising of mathematics, Chemistry and Physics; biological sciences- comprising of Botany and Zoology; Computer Science and Nursing. This was immediately after the college attained its full fledged university status in 2013.

The department of physical sciences has stepped up academic programmes to boot on research areas for the university, for instance, it has acquired a number of instruments such AAS, FTIR, UV-Visible, Spectrophotometer, HPLC & Elemental Analyzer among others. It has also initiated Bachelor of Biochemistry; Masters and PhD programmes in chemistry whose first batch of students are expected as from April 2013. Other sections of the department are soon to follow suit by rolling out more marketable programmes both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels- thus gearing towards making the institution a premier university. The department boosts of qualified academic staff to handle the established programmes.


To be a leading department for the provision of world class quality training and cutting edge research to accelerate industrialization.


The mission of the department of physical sciences is to generate, transmit and preserve quality knowledge by promoting independent and interactive learning, a scientific inquiry culture and striving for adverse national and global development in pure and applied research in sciences and technology.


  1. To help students acquire academic excellence in sciences in order to instill transformative thinking and confidence in facing modern challenges scientifically.
  2. To promote a culture of scientific inquiry and global development in pure and applied research in sciences and technology.
  3. To create HIV/AIDS awareness among science students and address HIV/AIDS pandemic as a national disaster.

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