ICT used as Women’s Tool for Poverty Alleviation in Rural Areas of Kenya.

Kaimenyi, C.K. (2015). 


This paper presents a study that investigated the information and communication technology (ICT) framework used in rural areas of Kenya. The study uses a gender perspective to establish the link between poverty and ICT.  Although women play an important role in socio-economic development of any society, but majority of women in rural Kenya are afflicted with poverty, ignorance and disease. While it is recognized that there are numerous factors responsible for the poor condition of women, this research believes that lack of ICT is one of the major contributing factors. This observation stands on the basis that much literature and common belief support the use of ICT in poverty alleviation.  Although both the government and the private sector have put unending efforts to improve access to ICT, there is still no ICT framework used in poverty alleviation in Kenya. The study utilized secondary data from: researchers in the field of gender and poverty alleviation, poverty data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the National ICT status data from Communications Commission of Kenya, and Vision 2030 projections, to develop a framework of ICT used by rural women. Critical questions raised in the study, include: (i) What are the poverty patterns in Kenya? (ii) What application of ICTs are available for women in Kenya? (iii) What are the ICTs growth patterns in Kenya? (iv) What is the relationship between poverty and ICT? (v) What framework should be put in placing ICT use by rural women in poverty alleviation in Kenya? The results show that poverty is related to a gender dimension, leaving women more vulnerable because of their roles in the society. The study recommends that poverty needs to be tackled effectively through training and education with special focus to women, provision of information and creation of supportive infrastructure coupled with policy formulation which supports their affordability and sustainability.




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