Gender Mainstreaming: Perspectives and Insights in Kenya

Kaimenyi, C.K. & Muriungi, C.K.



Gender mainstreaming was prioritized as a mechanism to achieve gender equality by the Beijing Platform for Action in 1995.  Although since this Beijing meeting many institutions, the world over have attempted to put into practice the ideas of gender mainstreaming, the issue has not clearly been understood. While there has been some research regarding the opportunities and challenges of its implementation, very little has focused on understanding the concept, background, details and concerns of the entire topic.  Through an exploratory research design and by use of documented evidence, this study seeks to provide insights towards understanding the meaning and background of gender mainstreaming in Kenya.  The study will further explore the extent of research in the area in order to identify the gaps in the field. Literature on international, regional and national policies as well as declarations, coupled with the government and other stakeholders’ reports and academic research on the subject will be key in the study. It is therefore hoped that this study will provide a basis for establishing future research priorities in the area.  





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