An Investigation into Factors Causing High Nurse Turnover in Mission Hospitals in Kenya: A Case for PCEA Chogoria Hospital. 

Momanyi, N.B. & Kaimenyi, C.K. (2015). 


Human Resource is the most important input in any healthcare system. The primary aim of this research was to investigate the factors causing high nursing turnover in mission hospitals in Kenya (a case for PCEA Chogoria Hospital). Through a detailed literature review, the researcher reviewed literature related to factors causing nursing turnover. Descriptive research design was used with the application of both qualitative and quantitative approaches of research to collate, analyze and present data. The researcher used sample size of 30% of the target population of 147 Registered and Enrolled nurses working in various departments of the Hospital. Stratified random sampling technique was used to ensure representation of these professional cadres of staff. The main data collection instruments were review and analysis of records and questionnaires. Data was analyzed and presented theoretically. The main outcome of this study is that retention of nurses is an important issue because shortages could lead to work over-loads, burnout and dissatisfaction of nurses, turnover, and compromised standards of patient care. It is recommended that the mission hospitals should develop strong Nurses retention strategies by instituting effective nurse management support, regular promotion practices, adequate staff development practices and competitive compensation (salaries and allowances) practices. 




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