Harnessing the Power of the Woman Leader in Realizing Kenya’s Vision 2030: A Self-Help Group Approach

Kaimenyi, C.K.,



Think of a woman leader, almost any woman in a leadership position, and you will probably develop an image of someone popular in the international arena; a parliamentarian, a CEO in a reputable organization, a school principal or any other important personality. Rarely do we think of women leading thousands of community self-help groups, some of which are in our neighbourhoods, particularly in the rural areas. As argued in this paper, these groups are ‘sleeping giants’ which can act as a catalyst for achievement of Kenya’s Vision 2030 if adequate resources are invested in nurturing their leadership.  Through qualitative studies and review of existing literature it is evident that self help groups assist women to participate in development processes. Yet there appears to be a gap in their leadership effectiveness, a situation which can be corrected through some form of training.

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