Essential Maternal and  Newborn Care Skills Training  for Midwives: Their Impact on  Reducing Maternal and  Neonatal Mortalities in Kenya

Continuing professional development (CPD) continues to gain acceptance as a model for health care professionals to engage in lifelong learning. Little is known about how CPD participants put the experience and the new knowledge into practice and whether it has impact on patient care outcomes. The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of CPD of Midwives on Essential Maternal and Newborn care skills on maternal and neonatal mortality in Embu Coun-ty, Kenya. The study was an interventional non-randomized pretest post test study design of mid-wives from the participants of the 2010 ministry of health training on essential maternal and
newborn care skills. Sixty (60) midwives working in maternity unit of Embu level five hospitals were targeted. The study was carried out in two phases. Phase one involved environmental scan-ning of the factors that support good performance in the workplace using a questionnaire. Phase two involved evaluation of the impact by testing a hypotheses using data collected by use of ques-tionnaires, evaluation checklist and chart audit. Data were analyzed using qualitative content analysis and presented using percentages and frequency tables. Chi-square test and correlation analysis were used to show the association between variables, which are midwives essential ma-ternal and newborn care skills and maternal and neonatal mortality. A chi-square χ2= 14.143, df = 9 and a coefficient = 0.357. This coefficient is less than p-value at Alpha 0.05 and therefore is not significant, proving that the essential maternal and neonatal care skills do not contribute to re-duction in mortalities as such two variables are almost independent of each other, whether one exists does not necessitate the existence of another nor does it reduce maternal and neonatal mortalities in Kenya.

Keywords Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Maternal and Newborn Care

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