Towards an African Oikotheology

Dickson Nkonge Kagema
Chuka University, Kenya
In the past years Africa has encountered great changes all aspects whether social, political, economic cultural or religious due to globalization. This radical revolution which has invaded Africa has not come without challenges as the continent is today replete with poverty, hunger, conflicts, unemployment, corruption, tribal animosity, nepotism, diseases and so on. It is in response to these challenges that African theologians and Church leaders have continually developed various theologies so to address the poignant African situation. Some of these theologies include African theology, Liberation theology, African inculturation theology, South African Black theology and
theology of Reconstruction. While not refuting the previous theologies in Africa, the author of this paper suggests African Oikotheology as an ideal theology for Africa in this century. The term Oikotheology is not new as it was applied in the post- apartheid South Africa, but African Oikotheology is first used in this paper. The word Oikotheology which is coined from the Greek Oikos (home or household) and theology means the ‘theology of the home or household’. In this case, Africa is our home graciously given to us by God. All inhabitants of this home are equal and so resources must be shared equally (economy), unity among all members must be maintained (ecumenics), and all must care for our environment (ecology). While Oikotheology in general concerns itself with only the double crisis of poverty and environmental degradation, African Oikotheology goes beyond this by emphasizing the need for the promotion of justice, peace and reconciliation among the inhabitants of the Oikos. Since human beings occupy a special place in God’s creation, Africans must see it as their duty to make the African continent an inhabitable home for all. Once they are able to effectively fight the problem of poverty, conserve the environment and maintain justice, peace and reconciliation, Africa will become a good home devoid of hunger, corruption, violence, nepotism, animosity and so on.
Keywords: Africa, Theology, Oikotheology, African Oikotheology,

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