The Need for Equipping Lay Church Leaders in the Anglican Church of Kenya for Mission and Ministry through Theological Education by Extension

Dickson Nkonge Kagema
Chuka University, Kenya
The Church is called to be in mission and ministry. For a long time it was assumed that the mission and ministry of the Church are the preserve of only the ordained people or clergy, but from the twentieth century it has become clear that even the lay people contribute extensively to the mission and ministry of the Church. This is particularly so in the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) where the clergy are not enough, meaning that evangelization is mainly carried on by the Lay Church leaders. Therefore just as the clergy requires to be equipped, Lay Church leaders also require to be equipped for mission and ministry. It was for this reason that the ACK started Theological Education by Extension (TEE) programme in 1970s to ensure that since it was not easy to train Lay Church leaders through residential training, they got their theological training where they were. While this was a good initiative, most ACK dioceses did not support the TEE programme leading to its collapse. Considering the vital role the Lay Church leaders play in the ACK, the ACK leadership has to wake up without further delay and revive the TEE programme.
Keywords: Mission and Ministry, Anglican Church of Kenya, Lay Church Leaders, Kenya

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