Estimating the Willingness to Pay for Improved Municipal Solid Waste Management in Nairobi, Kenya

Ndunda E, and Muia V.


The rapid accumulation of municipal solid waste in many developing countries has been linked  to  urbanization,  population  growth  and  low  budgetary  allocation  for  urban  solid  waste  management. This study aims at determining the households’ willingness to pay for improved solid waste management to reduce air pollution in Nairobi, Kenya.  In  order  to  undertake  the  study,  the  sample  of  114  households  around  the  Dandora  dumpsite  in  Nairobi  was  randomly  selected  from  Dandora,  Babadogo,  Kariobangi  North  and  Korogocho  residential  areas  that  were  purposively  selected.  The  technique  employed  in  the  assessment  is  a  stated  preference  approach  called  contingent valuation method. Double-bounded model was used to identify the factors that influence the households’ willingness to pay for improved solid waste management.  The  results  from  this  study  show  that  the  willingness  to  pay  for  households  is  significantly  related  to  monthly  income,  gender  of  the  household  head,  household  size  and  education  level  of  the  household  head.  In  addition,  the  results  also  reveal  that  gender  of  household  head  is  negatively  correlated  with  willingness  to  pay  while  monthly  income,  size  of  the  household  and  education  level  of  the  household  head  are  positively  correlated  with  willingness  to  pay  for  improved  solid  waste  management. The results of contingent valuation further reveal that the mean willingness to pay for improved  solid  waste  management  per  household  in  order  to  reduce  air  pollution  is  Kshs.  237.14 per month. Therefore, there is need for policy makers to involve the urban households in managing municipal solid waste for sustainable environmental protection in the developing countries.


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