Wanja Murithi


Discipline is the epicenter of success of a school and members of a school are required to strictly adhere to various standards or codes of behavior. Student discipline is a crucial factor in not only academic achievement but also success in other school activities. Principals in Tigania district have experienced various discipline problems leading to students strikes and poor academic achievement. This study therefore investigated the challenges principals face in enhancing student discipline. The purpose of the study was to identify challenges principals face in enhancing student discipline in Tigania District, Kenya. Literature review revealed that a lot has been done with regard to challenges that principals face in enhancing student discipline. However this matter has not been addressed in secondary schools in Tigania District. The research design used in this study was descriptive survey. A sample of 40 principals in public secondary schools was respondents in this study. All the secondary school principals in Tigania District were thus the study sample. A questionnaire and an interview schedule were the research instruments used for data collection. The instruments were validated by five experts in the Educational Management, Chuka University College. In this study qualitative data was generated. Descriptive statistics were used for data analysis. Content analysis was also applied on the qualitative data generated. The findings of the study indicate that principals in Tigania district face challenges when enhancing student discipline. These include; humiliation by students, resistance from some parents, students strikes, political interference, drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, divergent cultural values and age gaps. The findings of this study would be useful for school administrators, Quality Assurance and Standards Officers and practicing teachers in addressing the challenges faced in enhancing student discipline.





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