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Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology
Department of Physical Sciences





Church Leader, Member of the English Service Committee PCEA JKMC. Physicist Blogger;
Dr. rer.nat (Ph.D.) in Biophysics Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany
Master of Sciences (Physics) Egerton University
B.Ed. Science (Maths and Physics) Egerton University

2017-Current – Senior Lecturer, Chuka University
Post-doc/Scientist/ Researcher at Leibniz Institute of Age research Jena
4 years – Lecturer at Chuka University
3 years – Assistant Lecturer at Chuka University

Ongoing – Polyurethane degradation and Potential Impacts to environment elucidation Kinetochore and Centromeric Chromatin structure elucidation by Modern Spectroscopic Techniques Plastics Degradation: Acceleration of Polyethylene Photo- and Thermal degradation
1. Kamweru P.K. and Tindibale E.L. Plastics; the good the bad and the ugly. Accepted for publication, International Journal of Physical Sciences.
2. Kamweru P.K. Imaging review from Anatomic to Molecular and Atomic Resolution scales. Accepted for publication, African Journal of Biotechnology
3. Kamweru P.K. and Tindibale E.L. Vitamin D from Mushrooms and Ultraviolet Irradiated Mushrooms. Int J Med Mushrooms. 2016;18(3):205-14. doi: 10.1615/IntJMedMushrooms.v18.i3.30.
4. Mwenda A.K., Gitonga L., Kamweru P.K. (2019). Lifestyle Modification Strategies Practiced in Management of Hypertensive Patients in Imenti North Sub County, Kenya. J Cardiol, 3(1). DOI: 10.23880/oajc-16000143
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Biophysics – Microscopic Techniques
Solid waste Management, Plastics and Polymer, Based materials degradation and Impacts to Environment
1. Performance and Efficiency of Selected Organic Based Photovoltaic Modules in the Kenyan Market Compared to the Silicon based On going
2. Synthesis And Characterization Of Aluminum Doped Zn-Co Ferrites Nano-Particles .
3. Synthesis And Characterization of Copper Doped Mg-Ni Ferrite Nanoparticles
4. Health Seeking Behaviour and Lifestyle Modification Strategies of Hypertensive Patients In Imenti North Sub County
5. Formulation Of The Schrodinger Equation Using The Hilbert Space Operator Approach
6. Patients and System Related Factors Associated With NonAdherence to Antihypertension Medication among Patients at Chuka Referral Hospital, Kenya

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