Dr. Julius Rotich, Ph.D.

Chairman of The Council

Welcome to Chuka University whose tranquillity offers the perfect milieu for learning and interaction among students, staff and the local community.

The University integrates theory and practical learning and inculcates core human values and personality development to ensure that academic excellence is achieved. Chuka University brings together students and staff from different communities and cultures thus enabling them to mingle and enrich their diverse experiences, values and social outlooks enabling them appreciate one another and learn to build a united nation. The students are exposed to global culture, ethics, standards and international social, economic, and political outlook which broaden their world view in resolving problems. This in turn helps to promote national peace and reconciliation

It is my humble request to the President and the government of Kenya to continue supporting Chuka University in the realization of its much expanded mandate as a full fledged University. I would also like to call upon the management, deans, directors, heads of departments, students, staff and other stakeholders to embrace the tenets in the Chuka University charter and use them to steer Chuka University to even greater prosperity.

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