11th Internal Research Proposal Call 2021

Chuka University allocated funds in its 2021/2022budget to support selected high quality research projects emanating from its staff and postgraduate students (M.Sc. & Ph.D.). This 11th CALL invites preparation and submission of high quality, fundable, multi-disciplinary research proposals.

About The Call

During the Financial Year, the research proposals should be submitted as four (4) spiral bound copies to the Director of Research & Extension any time they are ready. Submission by staff PIs should be through the Head of Department/Section.Postgraduate students registered in Chuka University must have completed coursework successfully. Their research proposals should be submitted with a covering letter through their Supervisor and Director of Graduate School. Staff proposals shall be reviewed by 2 to 3peers, specialising in the area of the research work. Successful proposals shall be competitively selected and the PIs notified by: 30th October, 2021 (Round 1),and 30th April, 2022 (Round 2). Project implementation should start immediately so as to be completed within two years from the date of fund award

The Proposals

Each proposal should have the following parts and adhere to the following guidelines:Cover letter; Title, Author(s) contacts; Abstract; Table of contents; Acronyms/Symbols/Abbreviations; Introduction (Background information, Statement of the problem, Main Objectives, Specific Objectives, Hypotheses or Research questions, Significance of the study or Research Justification, Scope, Limitations up to Assumptions (are Optional), and Expected outputs); Brief literature review; Theoretical/Conceptual framework (Optional); Methodology; Data collection and analysis; Work Plan; Budget; References; and Appendices (Optional). Ceiling validated award for staff multidisciplinary innovativeproposalis2,000,000/=, staff basic/applied proposal is 1,000,000/=, student Ph.D. proposal is 250,000/=, and student Master’s proposal is150,000/=. When applying, state the category of application in the covering letter. Staff and students are urged to apply for research grants available from other donors/funders.

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