Research Overview

Our Message

The Directorate is a statutory body of the University and was established in 2015 within the Division of Academic, Research and Student Affairs (AR&SA). It is charged with the coordination of research activities through receiving, reviewing and approving research proposals submitted for award of Internal Research Funds and also monitoring of internal research-funded projects. The Directorate empowers the University to compete for external research funding and also coordinates the University International Research Conference, training in research proposal development and extension services.

Quality Policy Statement

The Directorate of Research, Extension and Publications is committed to creation of an enabling environment for the promotion and sustenance of quality research for the advancement of education, extension and research for the betterment of the students/staff and society.

  • You are a full-time student (at least 12 points).
  • You applied for financial aid on time.
  • You are meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.
  • You have approximately the same amount of financial need that you had in prior years.


To be a premier directorate in the provision of quality research for the advancement of students/staff’s development in matters pertaining to technological innovation.

Prof. Shelmith Wanja Munyiri

Director, Research,Extension and Publications


  1. To foster an enabling environment for development and production of quality research proposals and outputs
  2. To regulate internal  research funding and provide equal  opportunities and full participation of staff and students in research activities
  3. To increase the number of developed and sustained research publications by university’s  staff and students
  4. To promote participatory and collaborative research with local and international partner institutions.
  5. To empower the University Community to compete for external research funding, given the limited resources from internal sources.
  6. To ensure that procedures of research conform to ethical stipulations.


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