Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences


 The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Chuka University offers a wide range of academic programmes developed to satisfy the academic and developmental needs of students. The courses offered are carefully developed to cater for student needs and in consideration of their application to the socio-cultural and economic needs of the country. This Faculty is committed to its role of providing academic and intellectual leadership in consolidating relevant and innovative knowledge for sustainable socio-cultural and economic development in the country. Currently, the Faculty is offering the following programmes


Social Sciences


The academic programmes offered by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences range from doctoral (Ph.D), Masters, bachelors degree, postgraduate diploma to diploma and certificate programmes, and bridging courses in the diverse disciplines in humanities, arts, social sciences and development studies. The Faculty houses a vibrant community of scholars, students and researchers in their areas of specialization.

The objectives of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences are:

  • To develop and offer arts-based and humanities courses geared towards solving the socio-economic, cultural and developmental challenges facing humanity in the 21st century.
  • To offer service courses which are subject content to students in the Faculty of Education and Resources Development.
  • To offer university wide courses which are mandatory to all students for effective academic life in the University.
  • To offer any service that is relevant to the advancement of scholarship in the areas of arts and humanities and related disciplines in the spirit of inter disciplinarity.

Contact Info


109 – 60400
Chuka, Kenya

020 231 0512/ 020 231 0518

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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