Farms, Buildings & Enterprises

Farms: Activities are implemented in three areas which include: Ndagani farm, Kairini farm and Mwanjati Farm. The activities in the farms involve livestock keeping, agronomic and horticultural farming activities.

  • Ndagani farm provides plots for students’ agricultural projects and research plots for staff. There are also green houses, tree nurseries, flower nurseries, crops, coffee, banana stems, napier grass, lucerne, desmodium, rhodes grass, cows, pigs, llamas, fish, sheep and rabbits.
  • There is also continuous sale of agricultural products at the directorate.
  • Kairini farm is 500acres and basically has a dispensary, livestock keeping and agronomic farming activities. There are also several upcoming projects such as multi-billion modern hospital and wildlife conservancy.
  • Mwanjati farm is 33acres which is utilized for growing grass which is used to feed university animals.
  • Buildings: We are in charge of Buildings whereby, we minimize the use/wastage of electricity, paint and maintain buildings of the university.

University Enterprises: We are incharge of all income generating units of the university. These are Hillside Grand Hotel, Library, Accommodation, Conferencing, Clinic, AI Services, Estates and Chuka University Elimu Plaza (Nairobi).

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109 – 60400
Chuka, Kenya

020 231 0512/ 020 231 0518

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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