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Self Development

Why Choose Chuka Uni?

Chuka University is a premier university that offers very marketable and demand driven programmes  that positively impact the students and the community. We have state of the art equipment needed for practical courses, very competent lecturers and non-teaching staff who are very welcoming and friendly.

Welcome to Chuka University a home of integrity, peace, Intelligence, professionalism and unity.


Self Development

The student’s welfare department has various activities that are geared towards the wellness of all students admitted to Chuka University

Peer counsellors
Our department recruits, trains and supervises peer counseling activities. The peer counselors are efficient in identifying students who are in distress and provide first line counselling to them and where necessary refer them to university counsellors for more professional counselling.




The religious groups hold a joint service every third Sunday of a semester. This joint service brings together students and staff to worship the Almighty God.
Christian Union (C.U)
Young Catholic Students Association(Y.C.S)
Seventh-Day Adventist (S.D.A)
Muslim Students Association



Following the successful launch of the Chuka University Alumni Award Scheme in November 2020, Chuka University Alumni Association is offering a research grant to five (5) masters students and one (1) PhD student to alumni of Chuka University under the Prof. Njoka Alumni Diplomacy Award.

The award of the research grant to master’s students is tenable at Chuka University while the award of research grant to PhD student is tenable at any Kenyan University


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