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Welcome to the Directorate of Quality Assurance, Chuka University. Through its mission, Chuka University endeavours to generate, preserve and share knowledge for effective leadership in higher education, training, research and outreach through nurturing an intellectual culture that integrates theory with practice and innovation. The ultimate purpose is to uphold and maintain the quality of teaching, learning, research, creativity, innovation and community outreach activities in order to be a Premier Institution in providing quality education, training and research for sustainable national and global development.


An exemplary Centre for the promotion of quality university education.


To contribute towards the pursuit of continuous improvement in the delivery of quality teaching, learning and research in higher education, through nurturing an intellectual culture that integrates theory with practice.

At the core of Chuka University 2017-2022 Strategic Plan lies the need to achieve academic excellence to enhance quality and relevance of education. During this Plan period, the University has established this Directorate as an independent unit to strengthen quality assurance system and structures. The Office of the Director Quality Assurance (DQAO) seeks to co-ordinate the development and management of a structure of processes to support the monitoring, review and approval of academic programmes with the view of aligning them to developmental needs of the Country and the Constitution. The Directorate works in collaboration with Faculties to ensure that the structure guarantees academic standards and the quality of processes across the University.

We seek to be a premier University by improving on productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, maintenance and improvement of quality assurance, compliance with statutory requirements, provision of relevant quality higher education and training and enhancement of academic competitiveness of the University all of which have been incorporated into The Chuka University Strategic Plan 2017-2022. It is our responsibility as Directorate of Quality Assurance to create awareness of a culture of continual improvement.

In this regard, the Chuka University policies, procedures and guidelines provide a framework within which this continual improvement can be achieved. The DQAO is tasked with mandate of initiating and implementation of the internal Academic Quality Assurance policies, procedures and guidelines as provided in the Quality Assurance Policy and QMS procedures, as well as other University documents.

With an elaborate quality assurance system and structures, the Directorate of Quality Assurance commits to support overall mandate of Chuka University as prescribed in its Charter 2013 and to contribute towards its vision.


Our Mandate:

  • To coordinate training and sensitization of staff on Quality Assurance and Management Systems requirements;
  • To conduct evaluation of teaching and supervision effectiveness in the University;
  • To analyse students’ evaluation of teaching effectiveness and external examiners’ reports of examinations and theses, and give feedback to concerned parties;
  • To coordinate external assessment, self-assessment and emerging quality assurance issues of academic programmes
  • To act as a Liaison Office between the University and external bodies on matters related to Quality Assurance;
  • To coordinate the functioning of all the Committees of Quality Assurance;
  • To make appropriate recommendations to the Management and the Senate on issues related to Quality Assurance
  • The Directorate shall have such other powers and functions as may be assigned or delegated to it by Senate.

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109 – 60400
Chuka, Kenya

020 231 0512/ 020 231 0518

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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