School of Nursing and Public Health

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At the Chuka University School of Nursing and Public Health, we offer exceptional programs for students pursuing careers in healthcare and related fields.

We are guided by innovation and research for continued improvement of the health and well-being of the Kenyan people.

The university provides incomparable learner experience from competent faculty with wealth of experience in the health sector.



The mission of the School of Nursing and Public Health (SNPH) is to produce, share and maintain knowledge for effective health service leadership, promotion, rehabilitation and prevention for sustainable human development through training, research and outreach. This is in line with the university’s vision and mission as elaborated in the strategic plan.


The objectives of the school are:

  • Provide relevant quality higher education, training, research and extension to enable graduates contributes to sustainable national and global development agenda.
  • Generate and share research findings with users to solve societal and environmental problems to improve quality of life.
  • To provide a conducive environment for learning and enhance efficiency of operations in the faculty.
  • Strengthen faculty governance and prudent management of financial and human resources to maximize productivity to satisfy customers and stakeholders requirements.
  • Establish and foster mutually beneficial partnerships to provide opportunities and innovative ideas for sustainable study, research, outreach, and infrastructure development.

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109 – 60400
Chuka, Kenya

020 231 0512/ 020 231 0518

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Courses Offered

Our programs are customized to accord our learners experiential learning opportunities in theory and practical settings in partnership with players in the health sector for requisite competencies in quality health service delivery. This ensures that our graduates are well versed with current trends in the industry.

Admission to these programs is ongoing throughout the year with students reporting in January


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