Chuka University Igembe Campus

Brief History and Location

Chuka University Igembe Campus was established in Igembe region in September 2011. The Campus is located in the cool and serene environment in Kiegoi and Kiengu Locations in Meru County, Kenya.  The Campus is situated approx. 100 km from Chuka University Main Campus and it is only 4 km from Maua Town on the slopes of the Nyambene Hills at an attitude of approximately 1800m above sea level.

It has a cool climate with temperatures varying from 14oC to 26oC and an average rainfall of about 1,500mm which offers excellent learning environment. Currently, Igembe Campus has over 400 students enrolled in Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors and Masters programmes in the Faculties of Business, Education & Humanities. Welcome to Igembe Campus. 

Prof. John Kobia



The mission of Chuka University Igembe Campus is to provide quality all-inclusive University education, generate and disseminate knowledge, skills and values geared toward betterment of humanity through innovate teaching, sustainable research, inclusive consultancy and industry-based training for advancement of humanity.


To be a top-notch University Campus in advancement of knowledge for betterment of humanity.


Knowledge for Empowerment


At Chuka University Igembe Campus we are guided by the following core values:


We treat each other with dignity and respect; and we are committed to fairness, openness, transparency and accountability in our practices, regulations, policies and procedures.


We subscribe to professionalism, honesty and equity in all our undertakings.


We focus on innovativeness, intellectual, curiosity and encourage the spirit of discovery in an environment of academic freedom.


We value and cherish sustainable development for securing our environment for betterment of humanity.


We value and uphold the diversity of human race, social justice for all and does not discriminate any person on any unacceptable ground.


We focus on academic excellence, quality, teamwork and respect to our customers.

Admission into the following programmes is done in April, August and December for Part Time programmes and January, May and September for regular mode of study each year.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. Certificate in Community Development
  2. Certificate in Leadership and Public Administration
  3. Certificate in Criminology& Security Studies
  4. Diploma in Community Development
  5. Diploma in Leadership and Public Administration
  6. B.Sc. in Community Development
  7. MA in History
  8. MA in Geography
  9. MA in Religious Studies
  10. MA in English Language & Linguistics
  11. MA in Kiswahili
  12. MA in Literature
  13. M.Sc. in Community Development
  14. PhD in Kiswahili

Faculty of Education & Resources Development

  1. Certificate in Early Childhood Education
  2. Diploma in Early Childhood Education
  3. B.Ed. in Early Childhood Education
  4. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  5. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  6. M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction
  7. M.Ed. in Educational Foundations
  8. M.Ed. in Guidance and Counseling
  9. M.Ed. in Educational Management

Faculty of Business Studies

  1. Certificate in Business Management.
  2. Certificate in Procurement & Logistics Management
  3. Diploma in Business Management
  4. Diploma in Procurement & Logistics Mgt.
  5. Bachelor of Commerce
  6. Master of Business Administration

Faculty of Science and Technology

  1. Certificate in Computer Science
  2. Certificate in Computer Literacy
  3. Certificate in ICT
  4. Diploma in Computer Science



Bachelors degree with atleast upper second class honours or its equivalent in the relevant field OR Bachelors degree with lower second class honours with 2 years experience or its equivalent in the relevant field.


KCSE with an average of C+ and above passes in five approved subjects as determined by the Academic Board from time to time. A diploma or equivalent with distinction or credit in the relevant field of specialization.


KCSE with a C- (Minus) and above or its equivalent, except where specified.  A certificate from a recognized institution or equivalent with a credit.  Additional entry requirements may be specified under each diploma programme.


KCSE with a minimum of D (Plain). A certificate from recognized institutions. All Certificate and Diploma courses give candidates access to higher courses through credit transfer where applicable.


Masters (Art) = 121,000 per year

Bachelor (Arts) = 100,000 per year

Diploma = 80,000 per year

Certificate = 7,000 to 60,000

NB: For all courses, separate Statutory Fees shall be indicated in admission letters


Masters Programmes take 2 years

Bachelors Programmes take 4 years

Diploma Programmes take between 18 and 36 months depending on the Programme.

Certificate take one year

For more information contact:

The Director,

Chuka University Igembe Campus, P.O. Box 354-60600 MAUA.


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