Farm Products

Chuka University Farms Products

The University grows quality food products in its farms in order to provide for the general community. Among the products that we have are Tomatoes, Kales, Sweet Potatoes, Black night shade among others. We have also been able to provide these quality farm products at affordable prices. We normally have general sales days and we are also open anytime for the public.

The University through its rich agricultural personnel also conducts farmers trainings and advises on these products and how to best grow their yields.

Farm Products Prices

Kales per Kg
Ksh 20
Spinach Per Kg
Ksh 40
Sweet Potatoes Per Kg
Ksh 50
Arrow Roots Per Kg
Ksh 50
Milk Per Litre
Ksh 50
Green Maize Per Piece
Beef Per Kg
Goat Meat Per Kg
Pork Meat Per Kg
Prevailing market price
Spider plants, Per bunch
Ksh 10
Black night shade, Per bunch
Ksh 10
Comfrey, Per bunch
Ksh 10
Amaranth, Per bunch
Ksh 10
Crotolatia, Per bunch
Ksh 10
Jute mallow, Per bunch
Ksh 10
Cowpea Vegetables, Per bunch
Ksh 10
Pumpkin Vegetables, Per bunch
Ksh 10


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