Chuka University Management Board

Prof. Henry Mutembei M'Ikiugu, (Ph.D)

CEO/ Vice-Chancellor

Professor of Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics (Theriogenology) and Vice Chancellor of Chuka University. Chuka University is a young and rapidly developing institution. The aspiration is to have an institution that maintains and steers shaping of newer positive frontiers of transformations. As the VC I commit to chaperon transformations that shall be guided by my pledged five (5) point agenda namely (i) Financial saving, (ii) Human resource optimization, (iii) Program/ Development prioritization, (iv) Justified Appointment Contract performance, and (v) Transparent data-based institutional decisions.

Prof. Gilbert Mbaka Nduru , (Ph.D)

Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic,Research and Student Affairs)

Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic, Research and Student Affairs)

Prof. Eunice Wamuyu Githae, (PhD)

Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration, Finance, Planning and Development )

The Division has four main sections: Administration, Finance, Planning, and Development. The Division ensures efficient and effective utilization of resources in production of high-quality and cost-effective goods and services in an environmentally sustainable manner. This is for accountability, competitiveness, public trust, and customer satisfaction. The Division spearheads the following Departments: Finance, Procurement, Catering, Accommodation, Estates, Transport, Security, Human Resource, Medical and ICT.

Dr. Samwel M. Chege, (Ph.D)

Registrar (Academics Affairs)

The Registrar (Academic affairs) is responsible for supporting the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (ARSA) in all matters academic affairs. The Office plays a crucial role within the university as the custodian of all official student academic records, which includes records for both current students and alumni. The office performs various functions that includes:

  1. Student admission/registration and issuance of student IDs 
  2. Maintenance of academic records in the registry, 
  3. Communicating and implementing university academic policies, 
  4. Co-ordination of examinations and students deferment cases 
  5. Co-ordination of curricula review 
  6. Coordinate implementation of approved university catalogue for programmes accreditation by CUE; 
  7. Coordinating undergraduate and postgraduate studies; 
  8. Organizing students’ graduation, 
  9. Issuing final academic certificates and transcripts; 
  10. Coordinating students’ inter-faculty/inter-universities transfers. 
  11. Preparation of reports required by our key stakeholders such as CUE, KUCCPs, UF, HELB, KNBS, MoE among others.  
  12. Carrying out such other duties and responsibilities as may be delegated by the DVC (ARSA).

Dr. Peter Opiayo Mabubi, (Ph.D)

Registrar (Administration & Planning)

Registrar (Administration & Planning)

John K. Thuranira CPA(K)

Finance Officer

Finance Officer


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