About The Library

About The Library


To carry out basic functions of selecting, acquiring, processing, organizing and dissemination of relevant and up-to-date information in line with the mission of Chuka University.


A Premier Library in facilitation of users to access extensive range of information resources to enhance academic, research and training for sustainable national and global development.


The Library was established by a senior Library Assistant who was transferred from Egerton University main Library. Currently, Chuka University Library System is decentralized and has six automated branches

  1. Old Library
  2. Embu Campus Library
  3. Faculty of Business Library
  4. Igembe Campus Library
  5. Faculty of Science Library
  6. Faculty of Law Library

Library Collection

The library maintains a comprehensive collection of information materials in various formats including books, e-books, Journals, Magazines and newspapers for use by all faculties at the university. The library has also established and populated an Institutional Repository which is online all the time in an Open Access basis.

Library Services include lending of books, Current awareness Service (CAS), searching and retrieval of online and offline information, Reference service, reprographic service, Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI).


The Library has implemented the following policies:

  1. Collection Development Policy
  2. ICT Policy
  3. Reprographic Policy
  4. Institutional repository Policy and
  5. Information Literacy Policy

Services are offered to library registered users who include: –

  • Undergraduates.
  • Postgraduates. 
  • Academic Staff. 
  • Non-academic staff, and
  • External users (As stipulated in Chuka University Library Policies).

Why do you need a library service as a university student?

  1. Being in a university is a time unlike any other in your academic life.
  2. Unlike learning in secondary school you lecturers will provide with guidance and you are expected to more of the work by yourself through assignments, reading, research, etc.
  3. For this purpose you need a modern, library service to provide you with current information resource books, journals and qualified staff for personal reading, research and class assignments

Our Digital Library Resources

  • E-journals
  • E-books
  • E- databases
  • E-audio/visual resources
  • Digital repositories

Why use Chuka Digital Library Service?

  1.  We avail to you extensive academic information sources for studies in any academic programme
  2. Our library is web-based meaning that you can access the service from any part of the country  through internet connection through mobile gadgets (laptops & smartphones)
  3. Highly qualified and committed library staff assist you   throughout your study and ensure that you access all information you need for your learning purposes
  4. We provide outstanding, group and personal services to our Students

Our Services

  1. Access to electronic information resources: e-books and e-journals) to fulfil your research needs
  2. Literature searches: Assistance to retrieve exhaustive information from databases on the subject of your
  3. Information literacy training: Personal and group instruction and guidance (training) on techniques of searching and retrieving information for learning and research purposes
  4. Research consultation: Library consultation on research and writing projects such as theses, term papers and class assignments
  5. Quick reference/enquiry services: Answering general question about knowledge in various subject areas and finding information


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