Financial Aid


Loans and Bursaries
Currently, the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) awards loans and bursaries. Students are expected to collect bursary application forms at their respective District Commissioner’s office or at the County Government offices, depending on the arrangements.

Students seeking loans should apply directly to HELB. It is the prerogative of HELB to consider the amount of money to give each student depending on the amount of information given in the form. The University has no part to play in the issuing of loans and bursaries. No student will be registered unless he or she completes fee payment for the current and previous semesters. It is the University policy that students pay full amount of fees as required on the first day of reporting before they are registered. Students are required to register in person at the beginning of the date designated in the academic year calendar. No student will be registered two weeks after commencement of the semester.

Work Study Programme
The work study programme is designed to assist financially needy students  to enable them meet their basic educational needs and expenses. Students who wish to apply should write to the Dean of Students when the program is advertised. Only students in session are allowed to apply and interviews are conducted for job placement. Students work during their free hours up to 15 hours per week. They are supervised by the respective Heads of Department and must follow the laid down rules and regulations. The University reviews
payment of students in the programme from time to time. Work study programme ends one week before the start of examinations to allow students to prepare for the examinations.

Caution Money
Caution money is intended for any damages, losses and breakages of any University property. Currently a student is required to pay Ksh 2,000 during registration. This money should remain throughout out the student’s academic life and is refunded upon producing a clearance certificate at the end of the academic period or discontinuation of studies.


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