Halls of Residence
The University halls of residence cater for both female and male students. Staff members in the halls of residence are responsible for keeping the halls tidy and functional, ensuring that students are comfortable. Students are expected to keep their rooms clean at all times

Room Allocation
A student will be considered for room allocation subject to the following
• Availability of bed space.
• Application for room and presenting of the official payment receipt.
• Students must have maintained acceptable conduct and demeanour.
• Other details are found on the room allocation application form.

Keys remain the property of the University at all times. A student should not take the keys home during the long or short vacations, and should not lose them. The keys must not be duplicated. Any loss of keys must be reported to the Halls Officer, who will replace them at a fee. Keys must be handed over to custodians during clearance at the end of each semester.

Sanitary Bins
Ladies’ halls have sanitary bins, which must be used appropriately to drop in used sanitary towels so as to maintain hygiene in the hostels.

For TV, DSTV and video viewing, students use Kirinyaga Hall. When planning for a meeting or organizing a recreational event, students must seek permission and possibility of facilitation from the Dean of Students office

Non-Residential Students
They are represented in the Student’s Congress by two students. The non-residential students make their own arrangements with landlords. The Dean of Students can assist students to locate rental places


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