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Bernard Cheruiyot Soi

Bernard Cheruiyot Soi


Faculty: Agriculture and Environmental Development

Department: Environmental Studies and Resources Development





Wildlife Conservation, Ecology and Management
June 2019-Present: Lecturer, Chuka University
November 2012-May 2019: Assistant Lecturer, Chuka University
2011-2012: Part-time Tutor, University of Eldoret and Egerton University
Ph.D. in Conservation Biology, University of Brighton, UK-ongoing
Master of Philosophy in Wildlife Management, Moi University
B.Sc in Wildlife Management, Moi University

2018-Present: Disturbance in Afromontane Forest: Habitat characteristics and Response of birds to forest
degradation and plantation restoration in Mount Kenya
2007-2008: Bird-Habitat relationships in Kenyan south coast forests fragments
1. Soi, B.C. 2018. Status of restricted-range bird species of East African coastal forests in five south coast forests of Kenya. Journal of Agriculture and Ecology Research International. 16(3) 1-10.
2. Kariuki, J.M., Soi, B.C., Mutio, A.N., Kinyanjui, D.N. 2018. Solid waste management practices at Egerton University, Njoro Campus and the community around. Journal of Scientific Research andReports. 19(4) 1-9.
3. Njeru, J.M. Soi, B.C. and Ngigi, W.M. 2016. Local community perception on benefits and Challenges of conserving Kiango’ndu Forest in the Eastern Mount Kenya Forest Block. Journal of Environmental Sustainability Advancement Research. 2: 30-38.
4. Kigen Charles K, Dennis, M. W. Ochieno, Martha Konje, John. O. Muoma, William A. Shivoga, Odira O. Zedekiah, Philip M. Kisoyan, Benard C. Soi and Stanley M. Makindi .2014. Spatial Modeling of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) growing areas in Kenyan Arid and Semi-Arid Lands. Elixir Remote Sensing 66: 20674-20678
5. Kigen C., P. Okoth, M. Konje, W. Shivoga, D. Ochieno, S. Wanjala, H. Agevi, Z. Onyando, B. Soi, P.Kisoyan and S. Makindi. 2013. Modeling the Spatial Impact of Climate Change on Grevy’s Zebra (Equus grevyi) niche in Kenya. Elixir Remote sensing 62:17608 17611
6. Soi, B. C., Kairu, J. K., Githiru, M. 2012. Bird-habitat Relationships in South Coast Forests of Kenya: East African Coast Biome Bird Abundance, Distribution and Habitat Relationship in Five South Coast Forest Fragments. Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN-10:9783659257612; ISBN-13:978-3659257612.

1 Avian Ecology and conservation, forest bird-habitat relationships
2. Human impacts on animal habitats, especially habitat disturbances and influence on wildlife
3. Animal habitat occupancy modelling

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