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Dickson Kinoti Kibetu

Dickson Kinoti Kibetu



Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department: Social Sciences





Applied Geography
Geo-Spatial Information Science
Radar remote sensing
Digital Satellite Image Processing
Photogrammetry & Plane Surveying

October 2017- Present: Research Fellow
September 2012- Oct. 2017: Junior Research Fellow
April-September 2014: Examinations Officer, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Chuka University
February 2013- April 2014: Geography Section Coordinator, Department of Arts and Humanities
March-August 2012: Geo-Mentorship Trainer of Trainers, GEEP
July-November 2011: GIS Training coordinator, JAPAKGIS Limited
September 2008- July 2009: Undergraduate Research Assistant, Moi University
June-September 2007: Intern GIS analyst, Embu water and Sanitation Company (EWASCO)

PhD in Geography (On-going)
M.Sc: Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing
BA in Geography

1. 2018: Assessing Potential of Remote Sensing Data in Monitoring Water Quality
2. 2016-2017: GIS based Delineation of Administrative Units in Eastern Kenya Region
3. 2015-2017: Use of Aridity Index and Remote sensing to assess the impact of Climate Variability on Land Use Land Cover Change and Food production amongst small scale farmers in Tharaka
4. March-May 2016: Fresh Produce Value Chain supply in the face of Climate Changes and Global Marketization: Case study of Mount Kenya Region (University of Cologne, University of Nairobi and Karatina University International Joint Value Sec Research Project)
5. July-August 2009: Environmental Management Standards (EMS) for Export Horticultural produce in Kenya: Case study of Horticultural farmers in Mt. Kenya Region (University of Humboldt and Moi University Joint International research project)

1. Kibetu, D.K and Kiambi, M. (2019). Spatial-Temporal Assessment of Forest Rehabilitation along Mt. Kenya East Forest Buffer Zone Using Remote Sensing and GIS. International Journal of Environmental Planning and Development, 5(1), 6-16.
2. Kibetu, D.K and Nyaga, P. N. (2018). Understanding Universities Land Policy and their Implementation Strategies in Kenya: The Case of Karatina University, Main Campus, Kenya. International Journal of Landscape Planning and Architecture, 4(1):1-7.
3. Kibetu, D.K. (2018). Monitoring Nature of Nairobi City Land Features from Landsat 5 Images Using Index-Based Mapping. International Journal of Urban Design, 1(1):1-11.
4. Kibetu, D.K and Otieno, C. (2018). Analysis of Spatial and Socio-Ecological Transformations around Chuka University Environs Using Remote Sensing and GIS. International Journal of Town Planning and Management, 4 (1):18-29.
5. Kibetu, D.K, Mutiso, C.J, and Mwangi, J.M. (2018). Dynamics of Climate Change Adaptations on Horticultural Land Use Practices around Mt. Kenya East Region. American Journal of Environmental Protection, 7(1):1-6.
6. Mutiso, J and Kibetu, D. (2018). Emerging Technologies in Teaching, Research and Learning: GIS Technology and Methods in Education. In L.N Makewa, B.M, Ngussa & J.M Kuboja (Eds.), Technology-Supported Teaching and Research Methods for Educators (1st Ed., pp. 201-2017). Hershey, PA: Igi-global
7. Kibetu, D.K (2017). Mapping Environmental Health Injustice in Chuka Town through Land Use Refinement Method and Dispersal Modeling GIS Based Techniques. International Journal of Health Economics and Policy, 2(1):6-11.
8. Kinoti, D.K. (2017). Evaluating Service Optimisation Problem of Devolved Administrative Regions in Kenya using GIS based Techniques. Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology for Development, 2(1):30-46.
9. Kibetu, D.K. (2017). Spatial Analysis of Land Use Development Dynamics within Kenya’s Public Universities in the Devolved Framework. Urban and Regional Planning, 2(2):7-12.
10. Kibetu, D. K. and Daniel. M. (2016). Using GIS to Select Ideal Sites for Municipal Wastes Transfer Station: Case Study of Embu Municipality. International Journal of Science, Technology and Society, 4(2-1):1-7.
11. Kibetu, D. K., and Murungi, M. (2016). Bridging Geo technology Competence Gaps among Kenyan Undergraduate Students: An Interdisciplinary GIS Training Model at Chuka University. International Journal of Education, Culture and Society, 1(3):70-74.
12. Kinoti, D. K., Wanja, C. K, and Muthoni, J. M. (2014). Advancing the Frontiers of Spatial Thinking: Using GIS across Curriculum in Teaching and Learning. Scholarly Journal of Education, 3(6):62-69.

Spatial Analysis and Visualization; Geo statistics and Modeling; Geo Literacy; Urban Ecology; Change Analysis Studies


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