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Dr.David Ithigi Kibaara

Dr.David Ithigi Kibaara


Faculty: Science, Engineering & Technology

Department: Biological Sciences






2013-2015: Lecturer, Coordinator of Department of Biological Sciences
2011-2012: Assistant Lecturer

Ph.D. in Botany, Chuka University
Master of Science in Hydrobiology, University of Nairobi
B.Ed. (Science) in Botany and Zoology, University of Nairobi
International Training (Certificate) on Limnology, University of Vienna

1. 2016-2019 Algal biomass and diversity and their effects on physicochemical properties of water in the Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP) fish ponds in Tharaka Nithi County
2. 2013-2016: Preparation of bone, coconut and rice husk charcoals and utilizing them in sorption of heavy metals from aqueous solution. A Project funded by Chuka University

1. Kibaara D.I., Magana, A.M., Githae, E.W. and Ombaka O. (2020). Biological control of
Toxin-producing cyanobacteria using Moringa oleifera seed extract in fish ponds in
Tharaka-Nithi County, Kenya. Press: International Journal of Life Sciences Research (IJLSR)
2. Kibaara D.I., Magana, A.M., Githae, E.W. and Ombaka O. (2020). Physicochemical proprieties of pond water in the Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP) fish ponds in
3. Tharaka-Nithi County, Kenya. In Press: International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research and Innovations (IJIRI)
4. Njoka E. N., Ombaka O., Gichumbi J. M., Kibaara D. I. and Nderi O. M. (2015). Characterization of clays from Tharaka-Nithi County in Kenya for industrial and agricultural applications. African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology. 9(3):228-243
5. Ombaka, O, Musundi, S.W., Gitonga L. K., Kibaara D. I. and Olivia, A. N. (2013). Rapid, Economical and Selective Complexometric Determination of Iron (III) in its synthetic alloys using 3 hydroxy-3 phenyl-1-(2,4,6-tribromophenyl) triazene. International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, 4(9):140.
6. Ombaka, O., Gichumbi J.M., Mukono, S.T. and Kibaara D. I. (2013). Effect of human activities and seasonal variation on water quality of Nkenye (Chikuu) Stream in Chuka, Kenya. International Journal of Modern Chemistry, Florida. 4(1): 50-65 Chuka University Academic
7. Ombaka, O., Gichumbi J.M. and Kibaara D. I. (2013). Evaluation of ground water and tap water quality in the villages surrounding Chuka Town, Kenya. Journal of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences. 3(2):1551-1563.

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