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Dr. Humphrey Kirimi Ireri

Dr. Humphrey Kirimi Ireri

Senior Lecturer / Chairman of Department – Chogoria Campus


Faculty: Humanities and Social Sciences

Department: Humanities






1. Member of International Association of Multilingualism (IAM)
2. Member of African Language Association of Southern Africa (ALASA)

2019 Aug to Date: COD, Chuka University Chogoria Campus
2019 May to Date: Senior Lecturer, Department of Humanities
2015 to 2019: Lecturer, Department of Humanities
2015 Jan to 2015 Dec: Assistant Lecturer, Department of Humanities
2007 to 2014: High school teacher and Head of English Department, Ikuu Girls Secondary School
2005 to 2007: English as a foreign Language (EFL) Instructor with Care International, Dadaab Refugee Camp
2004 to 2005: Short Term Experience in Ministry, Staff with Fellowship of Christian Unions, Kenya

PhD in Linguistics, Chuka University, 2015
Master of Arts in English Language and Linguistics, Egerton University, 2011
B.ED (English and Literature), Egerton University, 2004

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Njagi, J, Rithaa. J.N, Ireri.H.K. (2018). Beyond County Politics: Political Demography, Voting Patterns and Development. Nairobi: ISBN 978-9966-814-85-2

1 Semantics and Pragmatics
2 Discourse Analysis
3 Translation and Interpretation
4 Communication


1. A Minimalist Analysis of Noun Phrase Movement in Kimuthambi, A Bantu Language Spoken in Kenya (MA)
2. Discourse Markers in Gichuka Social Events’ Speeches(MA)
3. Presuppositions in Kiembu Popular Songs: A Pragmatic Analysis (MA)
4. Climate Variability and Adaptation Capacity of Mixed Crop-Livestock Farmers in Embu East Sub-county, Embu County, Kenya (MA)
5. Discourse of Kenya Commercial Banks Television Advertisements (PhD)
6. Non-equivalence in the Kikamba Bible Translation (PhD)
7. Analysis of Chuka University Students’ Social Media Discourse (PhD)

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