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Dr. Jafford Njeru Rithaa

Dr. Jafford Njeru Rithaa


Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Studies

Department of Environmental Studies and Resources Development





– NEMA: Registered Lead Expert Reg. No. 1659
– Member: Environmental Institute of Kenya (EIK)
– Member: Forestry Society of Kenya (FSK)
– Member: Ameru Professionals Association (AMPA)
2018: PhD in Environmental Science – Chuka University
2011: Master of Science in Natural Resources Management – Egerton University
2005: Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management, Egerton University
1998: Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, Ikuu Boys High School
1994: Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, Ibiriga Primary School,

1. Director, University Farms, Buildings and Enterprises
2. Agroforestry Network for Africa (ANAFE) based at ICRAF in 2009 – Towa grant for HIV/AIDS
3. Chuka University Research Grant – Participatory Scenario planning survey for Rainy seasons
4. Participated in Industrial Effluent Monitoring & Treatment training by Chrom Africa on 6th -8 th Nov 2019.
5. Environmental Institute of Kenya workshop at Outspan Hotel in Nyeri, Kenya. Presented Challenges facing EIA process in Kenya.
6. Participated in Kenya Green Universities Network 4 th -5 th February 2016 at UN Complex Gigiri in Nairobi
7. Participated in the Forestry Society of Kenya workshop on Bamboo Growing in Kenya at KEFRI Nairobi.
8. Participated in Forestry Society of Kenya workshop towards achieving 10% forest cover on Sept., 2015
9. 5 th Research week and international Conference at Egerton University on 22nd -24th September, 2010.
10. Presented a paper on: Effects of seed maturity stage, dormancy, desiccation and storage temperatures on germination and longevity of Myrianthus holstii engl. Seeds.
11. China Agricultural University, Beijing, People’s Republic of China. Participated in workshop training on Rural Energy and Agricultural Machinery in October 2009.
1. Rithaa J.N., Magana A.M., Nduru G.M., Githae E. W. (2018). Analysis of phenophases that control insitu establishment of Ocotea usambarensis Engl. in the southern slopes of Mt. Kenya Forest. International Journal of Emerging Trends in Science and Technology. 5(7):6674-6687.
2. Rithaa, J.N., and Antonina M., (2018) Impact of Environmental Conservation Status on Indigenous Medicinal Knowledge (IMK) Survival: Case of South Imenti in Meru County. International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development, 2(5): 2456 6470
3. Rithaa J.N., Magana A.M., Nduru G.M. and Githae E. W. (2018). The role of selected environmental factors on the regeneration of Ocotea usambarensis in Mount Kenya forest, Kenya. International Journal of Agriculture, Environment and Bioresearch. ISSN: 2456-8643
4. Kiambi G.M., Abdillahi A.A., Rithaa J.N. (2015). Assessing the influence of knowledge of type and numbers of livestock exchange in stock friends’ concept as a strategy in poverty alleviation: Case of Ngomeni Community of Mwingi District in Kenya. IJETST 07: 2847-2854
5. Rithaa J.N., Karachi M. and Aheda J. (2010). Effects of Seed Maturity Stage, Dormancy, Desiccation and Storage Temperature on Germination and Viability of Myrianthus hostii Engl. Seeds. Eger. J. Sci. Technol. 10:11-20
6. Rithaa J.N., Karachi M. and Aheda J. (2010). Ecological characteristics of Myrianthus hostii, Dovyalis abyssinica, Tamarindus indica, Vitax payos, Celtis gomphophylla, Rhus natalensis and Berchemia discolor seeds. International Journal of Professional Studies (2010)


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