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Senior Lecurer

Faculty: Science, Engineering & Technology
Department: Physical Sciences





Inorganic Chemistry
PhD, University of KwaZulu Natal
Master of Science, Moi University
BSc, Moi University

2017- To date: Senior Lecturer
2012-2017: Lecturer, Chuka University
2010-2012: Assistant Lecturer

2011: Analysis of kaolin clays from selected areas as raw materials for ceramic and catalytic applications,
Funded by Chuka University Internal Research Funds
2013: Bone charcoal, coconut husk charcoal and rice husk charcoal for application in sorption of heavy metals
from aqueous solution. Funded by Chuka University Internal Research Funds
2014: Synthesis and characterization of half-sandwich Ruthenium/osmium NʹN bidentate complexes and their
catalytic and anticancer applications.
2018: NRF Multidisciplinary project for the project entitled “Use of locally available Plant Resources for
Phyto-Remediation of potable contaminated water by endocrine Disrupting chemicals

1. Gichumbi, J. M.; Friedrich, H. B.; Omondi, B. 2016. Synthesis and characterization of piano-stool ruthenium complexes with N, N’-pyridine imine bidentate ligands and their application in styrene oxidation. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 808:87-96
2. Gichumbi, J.M.; Friedrich, H. B.; Omondi, B. 2016. Application of arene ruthenium (II) complexes with pyridine-2-carboxaldimine ligands in the transfer hydrogenation of ketones. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 416:29-38.
3. Gichumbi, Joel M.; Friedrich, Holger B.; Omondi, Bernard. 2016. Solvato-polymorph of [(η6 -C6H6) RuCl (L)] PF6 (L = 2, 6-dimethyl-phenyl-pyridin-2-yl methylene amine). Journal of Molecular Structure 1113:55-59
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6. Joel M. Gichumbi, H. B. Friedrich, Bernard Omondi, Moganavelli Singh, Kovashnee Naicker & Hafizah Y. Chenia. 2016. Synthesis, characterization, cytotoxic and antimicrobial activity of ruthenium (II) arene complexes with N,N-bidentate ligands. Journal of Coordination Chemistry 69(23):3531-3544
7. J. M. Gichumbi, H. B. Friedrich, B. Omondi. A study of new half–sandwich Osmium (II) complexes with bidentate N, N-chelating ligands and their use in the transfer hydrogenation of ketones. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, Accepted November 2016.
8. J. M. Gichumbi H. B. Friedrich, Bernard Omondi Synthesis and characterization of some new half– sandwich ruthenium (II) complexes with bidentate N, N’-ligands and their application in alcohol oxidation.Inorg. Chim. Acta. Accepted November 2016. Chuka University Academic Staff Database © 2020 Page 269 of 460
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11. JM Gichumbi, SJ Zamisa, HB Friedrich. Crystal structure of chlorido-(η5-pentamethylcyclopentadienyl)- ((bis-pyrazol-1-yl) methane-κ2N, N′) rhodium (III) hexafluorophosphate.(C17H23ClN4RhF6P). Zeitschrift für Kristallographie-New Crystal kkStructures 235 (2), 391-393.

Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry and Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry,
kMaterial Science, Environmental Chemistry, Crystallography and Nanotechnology
1. Adsorption of heavy metals and rhodamine b from municipality wastewater using mangrove (rhizophora mucronata) roots charcoal /multi – walled carbon nanotubes /cobalt ferrite nanocomposites
2. Synthesis, Characterization and Electrochemical Studies of Half Sandwich N, N’-Bidentate Ruthenium Complexes .
3. Properties of aluminium doped Zn-Ni ferrite nanoparticles .
4. Synthesis and characterization of Mg doped Cu-Ni ferrite nanoparticles. Use of locally available plant resources as adsorbents for removal of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals from Lake Victoria Water .
5. Phytochemical Analysis of Crude Extracts of Tithonia diversifolia (Hemsl) A.Gray and Kigelia Africana (Lam.) and their antimicrobial activities against Fusarium oxysporum in Tomatoes.

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