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Faculty: Science, Engineering & Technology
Department: Physical Sciences





Applied Mathematics (Fluid Mechanics)
Representative of the County Board of Education at Kathigiririni Secondary School, BOM
Students’ Academic advisor, (Mathematics Section)
Senior Examiner for K.N.E.C
Church Deacon.
Honorary Degree of Advanced Bible Knowledge by U.C.C.M.A, Cleveland, T.N USA.
2016 to date: Lecturer, Chuka University
2012-2016: Assistant Lecturer, Chuka University
Jan. 2012- Nov. 2012: Part-time Tutor, Chuka University
May 2011 – Aug. 2011: Part-time Tutor, Mt. Kenya University
2005- 2012: TSC Teacher, St. Mary’s Girls, Igoji.
Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics (Fluid Mechanics), Chuka University, Kenya
M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics), Kenyatta University, Kenya
B.Ed. (Science), Kenyatta University, Kenya

2016 to date: Lecturer, Chuka University
2012-2016: Assistant Lecturer, Chuka Universit

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Hydromagnetic Casson Nanofluid Flow Past a Wedge in a Porous Medium in the Presence of Induced Magnetic Fields

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