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Dr.Mark Onyango Okong’o

Dr.Mark Onyango Okong'o



Faculty: Science, Engineering and Technology

Department: Physical Sciences





June 2016 to date: Lecturer: Department of Physical Sciences: Chuka University: Kenya
2012 to June 2016: Assistant Lecturer: Department of Physical Sciences: Chuka University.
2001 to 2008: Course Tutor K.C.S.E (Mathematics and Business Studies)

Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics (Biomathematics)
Master of Science in Applied Mathematics (Biomathematics)
B.Ed. (Mathematics and Economics)

1. Ann N. Ncabani, Mark O. Okongo & Gladys Njoroge (2019), Stability analysis of A Mathematical Model for Awareness Initiatives on Registration of Persons in Kenya, International Journal of Applied Mathematics Research – Accepted on 23rd August, 2019.
2. Mark O. Okongo, (2019), The Impact of HIV/AIDS Treatment and Counseling on the Prevalence of Tuberculosis and Malaria Co Infections, Applied Mathematical Sciences – Accepted for publication on 23rd , April, 2019.
3. Mark O. Okongo, (2019), Modeling the role of treatment and counseling in an HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis sub model, International Journal of Mathematical Analysis, – Accepted for publication on 16th February 2019.
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8. Kirimi Jacob, Mark O. Okongo, Musundi S.Wabomba, Ochieng Ombaka. (2019), Effects of hall current, rotation and inclined magnetic field on a fluid flowing over porous parallel vertical plates with heat and mass transfer, JESAR (Chuka University ), Vol.5(1) pp 2215-2239.
9. Kirimi Jacob, Mark O. Okongo, Musundi S.Wabomba, Ochieng Ombaka. (2019), Combined Effects of Hall Current, Rotation and Inclined Magnetic Field on a Free Convection Fluid Flow over an Exponentially Accelerated Vertical Plate with Heat and Mass Transfer , Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science Studies (JMESS), 2458-925X :Vol. 5 (5). Pp 2600 – 2607.
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14. M.O. Okongo, Gichohi P. Nderitu and James M. Mugambi, (2014). Hall current effects on a flow in a variable magnetic field past an infinite vertical, porous flat plate. International Journal of Research and Reviews in Applied Sciences. (9):96 – 113.
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17. N. B. Okelo, M. O Okongo and S. A Nyakiti, (2010). On projective Tensor Norm and Norm – Attainable α – Derivations. International Journal of Contemporary Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 5(40): pp 1969 – 1975.

Mathematical Phytopathology

1. Combined effects of hall currents, rotation and inclined magnetic field on a free convection fluid flow with heat and mass transfer.
2. Mathematical Modeling of host pest interactions in the presence of pheromone and sterile insects: The case of false codling Moth, Thaumatobia leucotreta.
3.Modeling the leaching of Nitrate to ground water using the Advection Dispersion Equation.
4.A Mathematical model of public sensitization initiatives: Registration of persons in Kenya
5.Modeling the role of unemployment in the transmission dynamics of HIV/AIDS among women in sub Saharan Africa.
6.Modeling the dispersion of air pollutants in the atmospheric boundary layer using a two dimensional advection diffusion equation
7.Mathematical modeling of alcohol drinking in central Kenya.
8.Effects of Hall current and variable viscosity on hydro magnetic free convection unsteady flow of a fluid past a vertical plate.
9.Mathematical modeling for control of fungal diseases on infected susceptible host crops.

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