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Dr. Nancy Wangui Mbaka

Dr. Nancy Wangui Mbaka

Senior Lecturer


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Humanities





Sociolinguistics and Contact linguistics

Patron- Chuka University Christian Union-2012-2019
Church Elder-Jerusha Kanyua Memorial Church-Ndagani Parish, Chuka Presbytery
Service Chairperson- Jerusha Kanyua Memorial Church-English Service
Board Member- Ndagani Secondary School

2019: Senior Lecturer-Chuka University
2016-2018: Lecturer: Chuka University
2012-2015: Assistant Lecturer: Chuka University
2010-2012: Part-time Tutor: Chuka University College
2009-2010: HOD Clubs and Societies/ Form one class supervisor, Chuka High School
2005-2008: HOD Languages/Curriculum Mistress-Ndagani Sec. School
1993-2004: Teacher, HOD/ English, CU Patron-Ikuu Boys High School
1991-1993: Team Member / Later Leader-Trinity Fellowship
1988-1990: Teacher-Marigat Sec School.
2015: Ph.D, Chuka University
2010: M.A, Egerton University
1988: BEd (Arts), Kenyatta University

2010: The Implementation Status of Kenya’s Language in Education Policy: A case Study of Selected Primary Schools in Meru South District-Chuka Division
2015: Language Change to Meet Modern Communicative Needs: An Analysis of Lexical Changes in Gichuka-A Kenyan Bantu Language
2019-An Analysis of the Trilingual Competence of a Five–Year Old

1. Mbaka, N.W. (2015a. Vowel Epenthesis as a Parameter Setting Strategy in Gichuka Loanwords. Journal of Literature, Languages and Linguistics, 13:1-13
2. Mbaka, N, W. (2015b). Classroom Discourse in a Multilingual Context. The Case of Selected Primary Schools in Chuka, Tharaka-Nithi, Kenya. Journal of Literature, Languages and Linguistics, 12:87-99.
3. Mbaka, N, W., Muriungi, P. & Muriungi, C., (2015c). Consonant Substitution in Gichuka Loanwords. International Journal of Humanities and Social Studies, 3(8):100-109.
4. Mbaka, N. W. (2018). Lexical Changes in Gichuka through Obsolescence and Word Coinage. International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 6(10):48-54.
5. Mbaka, N. W. (2018). Lexical Borrowing: A Documentation of Gichuka Loanwords International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 6(4):17-31.
6. Mbaka, N, W. & Muriungi, P. (2018). A Government Phonology Rendition of Nasal Prefixation, Segment Deletion, Consonant Epenthesis, Prosthesis and Gliding as Nativisation Processes in Gichuka Loanwords. IOSR- Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 23(10, Ver.6):01-14.
7. Mbaka, N. W. & Muriungi, P. (2018). Gichuka Constituent Structure in Government Phonology Theory. Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 23(3, Ver.1):51-59.

1. Kimbeere Relative Clause.
2. Pragmatic Analysis of Names Given to Businesses in Chogoria Town
3. Presuppositions and Speech Acts in Kiembu Popular Songs.
4. Translation Non –Equivalence in the Kikamba Bible
5. Face Threatening Acts and Politeness Strategies Used by Members of the National Assembly
6. The Effect of Tone on Meaning in Gitigania- A Kenyan language Spoken in Meru County.

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