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Dr Peter K. Gakai

Dr .Peter K. Gakai



Faculty of Agriculture And Environment Studies

Department of  Environmental Studies And Resource Development





Environmental microbiology; microbial fuel cells; waste management; marine ecology; environmental impact assessment and environmental audit; hydrology, GIS and Remote Sensing, Ecological surveys.

1 year: Lecturer- Chuka University
2 years: Part-time lecturer; Chuka University, Maasai Mara University
1 year: Administrator, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology

Participated in various tree plantations exercises and clean ups
Helped in food supply to underprivileged persons in community

Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Engineering (Jiangsu University-China) 2016/12
Masters of Environmental Science- Kenyatta University (2012/06)
Bachelor of Environmental Science- Kenyatta University (2007/12)
Certificate in Information Technology- Strathmore University.
Certificate in Sustainable Development- Kenyatta University
Certificate in private public partnership in irrigation water management -World Bank Institute.
Certificate in Climate Change and Sustainable Land Water Management. -World Bank Institute.
Certificate, good practices refrigeration and air conditioning-Kenya Polytechnic University College June 2008
Certificate – Managing Agricultural Water under Climate Challenges-World Bank Institute.

1. Environmental Factors Influencing Infestation of Red swamp Crayfish (Procamburus crakii) and its Socio-Economic Impacts in Lake Ol’Bolossat Basin, Kenya.
2. Development, Characterization and Performance Evaluation of Novel Proton Exchange Membranes for application in Microbial Fuel Cell
3. 12 years: Environmental impacts assessment and audits for various companies and institutions:
4. Environmental impact assessment for the rehabilitation and desiltation of Kiria Earth Dam- Nyeri county;
5. Environmental impact assessment project report for the proposed Lusoi Dam Desiltation- Nyeri county;
6. Environmental Impact assessment study report for Lachuta dam- Nyeri; Proposed composite factory in Dedan Kimathi University of Technology; Proposed ICT factory for DeKUT ;Proposed EIA for Design and Material Building;EIA for Proposed Kenyatta University Hospital; IA for proposed Administration block; IA for proposed incinerator – JM hospital- licensed; IA study for three proposed dumpsite within Nyandarua county- under Nema review; EIA for Industries
7. Proposed yaduo shoe factory in Nairobi- licensed; Proposed Premier industry go down- licensed; Proposed EIA for Nairobi plastics – Asbestos removal- licensed; Proposed EIA Olkalou Dairy three factories for milk processing- licensed; Proposed EIA for Tulaga Dairy; Proposed city steels. Iron sheets factory and various EIA For Roads And Building Apartment And Boreholes

1. Microbial fuel cell-based biosensors for environmental monitoring: A review -Water Science & Technology. DOI:10.2166/wst.2015.035
2. Cell Wall Disruption in Low Temperature NaOH/urea Solution and its Potential Application in Lignocellulose Pretreatment- Cellulose; DOI: 10.1007/s10570-015-0767-z
3. Adsorption and removal of triphenylmethane dyes from water by magnetic reduced graphene oxide Water Science & Technology DOI:10.2166/wst.2014.427

1. Lecturer, Environmental microbiology; microbial fuel cells; waste management; marine ecology; environmental impact assessment and environmental audit; hydrology, GIS and Remote Sensing. Ecological surveys.

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