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Dr. Shelmith Wanja Munyiri

Dr. Shelmith Wanja Munyiri

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Studies

Department of Plant Sciences





Plant Breeding, Biotechnology and Agronomy
Nov 2017 to date: Senior Lecturer, Plant Sciences Department, Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Studies, Chuka University.
Oct 2012 to Oct 2017: Lecturer, Plant Sciences Department, Chuka University
Jan 2011 to Sept 2012: Assistant Lecturer, Plant Sciences Department, Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Studies, Chuka University
Aug 1989 to Jan 2011: Ministry of Agriculture, Kenya
PhD in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology: Jan 2015, Makerere University, Uganda
MSc in Agronomy (Crop Prfotection Option): Dec 2008, Egerton University, Kenya
BSc in Horticulture, Egerton University, Kenya
Diploma in Horticulture, Egerton University, Kenya

i. Collaborator, Joint interdisciplinary and inter-institutional NRF Research funds 2016/17 year; ($180,950),hosted by Karatina University. Research Team: 3 Kenyan Universities and NARS (Karatina, Chuka,SEKU, and Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization). 2nd Year of Project (2019).
ii. CIMMYT- Kenya Small Maize Grants Research Funding; 2017 year
1. Mwololo J.K., Mugo S., Otim M., Munyiri S. W. and Okori P. 2019. Quantitative Trait Loci Mapping in Maize for Resistance to Larger Grain Borer. Maydica, 63 No 27 (2018).
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3. Munyiri S.W., Mugo S. N., and Mwololo J. K. 2015. Mechanisms and levels of resistance in hybrids open pollinated varieties and landraces to Chilo partellus maize stem borers. International Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Soil Science, 5(3): 81-90.
4. Mwololo J. K., Munyiri S.W., Semagn K., Mugo S. and Okori P. 2015. Genetic Diversity Analysis in Tropical Maize Germplasm for Stem Borer and Storage Pest Resistance using Molecular Markers and Phenotypic traits. Molecular Plant Breeding, 6 (17):1-22.
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12. Mwololo J. K., Mugo S. N., Tefera T., Okori P., Munyiri S. W., Semagn M., Otim M. and Beyene Y. 2012. Resistance of Tropical Maize Genotypes to the Larger Grain Borer. Journal of Pest Science, 85 (2): 267-275.
13. Mwololo J. K., Okori P., Mugo S., Tefera T., Yoseph B., Otim M. and Munyiri S.W. 2012. Phenotypic and genotypic variation in tropical maize inbred lines for resistance to the maize weevil and larger grain borer. International Journal of Agricultural Science and Research, 2 (4): 41-52.
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18. Mwololo J. K., Munyiri S.W. and Muturi P. W. 2009. Overview of breeding for grain resistance to storage pests. Aspects of Applied Biology, 96: 421-42.

iii. CIMMYT- Kenya Small Maize Grants Research Funding; 2016 year
iv. CIMMYT- Kenya Small Maize Grants Research Funding; 2015 year
v. CIMMYT- Kenya Small Maize Grants Research Funding; 2014 year

1. Maize Performance and Water Use under Rhizobium Inoculated Cowpea Intercrop in Lower Tharaka Nithi.
2. Effects and Mechanisms of Action of Nitrogen, Mulch and Gibberellic Acid on Preharvest and Postharvest Components of Multi-Purpose Pumpkin (Cucurbita Moschata Duchesne) in Kenya.
3. Socioeconomic and Management Factors Affecting Earnings of Smallholder Coffee Farmers in Runyenjes Sub-County, Kenya
4. Analysis of Factors Affecting Milk Production in Chuka Sub-County
5. Effects of Sowing Time and Row Spacing on Growth Rate, Panicle Length and Grain Yield of Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) in Kiambu County
6. Effects of different manures on yield and yield components and quality parameters of orange-fleshed sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas). Faculty defense stage.
7. Effects of different rates of organic and inorganic fertilizers on the growth rates and yield of quinoa in Tharaka-Nithi County
8. Evaluation of Early Maturing Maize (Zea mays L.) Hybrids for Multiple stress Tolerance. Chuka University Academic Staff Database © 2020 Page 32 of 460
9. Heterosis and Combining Ability between Acid Tolerant and Maize Streak Virus Resistant Inbred Lines.
10. Effects of Neem leaves, Seaweed, Cashew nut leaves and Wood Shaving Mulches on Soil Properties, Growth and Yield of Amaranthus in Kilifi County.
11. Collection, Characterizationm, Evaluation and Seed Multiplication of Naturalized Multipurpose Pumpkin Landraces from Kakamega and Nyeri Regions in Kenya.


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