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Dr. Susan Muthoni Kinyua

Dr. Susan Muthoni Kinyua

Senior Lecturer

Faculty: Education Resources & Development

Department: Education





Psychologist & Counsellor
Lecturer of Counselling Psychology

2017 to Date: Chuka University, Senior Lecturer
2013 to 2017: Chuka University, Lecturer
2011 to 2013: Chuka University, Assistant Lecturer
2009 to 2010: Nkabune Technical Training Institute, Lecturer
2007 to 2008: Kiang’ondu Secondary School, Principal
1997 to 2007: Chief Mbogori Girls High School, Principal
1990 to 1996: Kangaru Girls High School, Head of Technical Department
1988 to 1990: Siakago Girls High School, Teacher

Doctor of Philosophy in Counselling Psychology – Chuka University.
Master of Education Psychology (Guidance and Counselling) – Chuka University.
Bachelor of Education (Arts) -Kenyatta University.

2005 to 2009: Causes and Effects of Stress Levels among Secondary School Principals in Meru South District
2010 to 2013: Post Female Genital Mutilation Effects and Coping Strategies by the Girl-child among the Ameru Community of Kenya.
2014 to Date: Involved in numerous anti-FGM Campaigns and motivational talks.

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Psychological issues affecting the women, girl child and special populations

1. Factors Influencing Students’ Enrollment in Biology Subject in Public Secondary Schools in Meru Central Sub-County, Kenya
2. Effects of Divorce and Separation on Psychological Well-being among Primary School Pupils in Ciakariga Division of Tharaka Nithi County, Kenya
3. Institutional Factors Affecting Counselling Services of Learners with Special Needs in Public Primary Schools in Igembe South Sub-County, Kenya
4. Effects of Occupational Stress on Job Performance and Coping Mechanisms by Public Primary School Teachers in Maara Sub-County, Kenya
5. Stakeholders’ Preparedness in Implementation of Adult Literacy Programmes in Sololo Sub-County, Marsabit County, Kenya
6. Factors affecting Enrolment of Pre-school Pupils in Garbatulla Sub-County, Isiolo County, Kenya.
7. Effects of Stress on Social Life among Day Secondary Students in Igembe South Sub-County, Kenya
8. Impact of Guidance and Counselling in Enhancing Academic Performance and Social Competence of Learners with Special Needs in Meru Central, Kenya
9. Effects of parental conflicts on psychological wellbeing and academic performance of pupils in public primary schools in Igembe South Sub-County, Kenya.
10. Effects of Social Media on psychosocial wellbeing Among Youths in Anglican Church of Kenya in Embu Diocese of Embu West Sub-county, Kenya.
11. Effect of pubertal physical developmental changes on self-esteem and academic achievement among public primary school pupils in Sagana, Kirinyaga West Kenya
12. School Based Factors Affecting Student leadership in Public Secondary Schools in Tharaka South Sub-County, Tharaka Nithi County, Kenya.
13. Psychological Effects of Teenage pregnancy and coping mechanisms among public secondary school students in Trans Nzoia East Sub-county.
14. Effects of HIV/AIDS on psychosocial wellbeing and coping mechanism of visually impaired learners: A case of St. Lucy’s School in Imenti South Sub-county, Meru County.
15. Effects of charitable children institutions on orphans and vulnerable children and their coping mechanisms in Embu County.
16. Relationship of parental marital status and academic achievement among primary school pupils in Chuka Division, Tharaka Nithi County, Kenya.
17. Psychosocial effects of Parental Alcoholism on pupils transition from primary to secondary schools in Kahuro Sub-County, Muranga County.
18. Prevalence, Psychosocial Effects and Coping Interventions of khat use among Secondary School Students in Embu West Sub-County, Embu, Kenya.
19. Behavioral Outcomes of Occupational Stress on Job Performance and Coping Mechanisms by BodaBoda Riders in Embu North Sub-County, Embu County
20. Psychological Assessment and Coping Mechanisms of Stress among Public Primary School teachers in Mara Sub-county, Tharaka Nithi County, Kenya.
21. Impact of selected group dynamics on academic counselling among Secondary school students in Tharaka Nithi County, Kenya.
22. Assessment of effectiveness of Virginia Satir’s model in Trauma Recovery of 2007/2008 Post Election Violence Integrated Internally Displaced persons in Thika Sub-county, Kenya.
23. Effect of inquiry Based Teaching strategy on students’ motivation and achievement in Biology in Secondary schools in Kenya.
24. Evaluation of the Psychosocial Effects of Delocalization and Coping Mechanisms among Public Secondary School principals in Meru County.
25. Psychological Assessment of Public Secondary School Principals and their Coping Interventions in the 100% transition policy of learners, in Meru County, Kenya.
26. Relationship Between Parenting Practices and Emotional Regulation of Students in Public Secondary Schools in Tharaka-Nithi County, Kenya.

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