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Gilbert Abura Odilla

Gilbert Abura Odilla



Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Studies

Department of AGEC/AGBM/AGED





Lecturer – Agricultural Extension
2014 to date: Examinations Officer, Department of AGEC/AGBM/AGED (Chuka University)
2012 to date: Lecturer at Chuka University
Setter/ Moderator, Kenya National Examination Council
2010 – 2012: Assistant Lecturer Chuka University College
2002 – 2010: High School Teacher
Ph.D. Ongoing at Chuka University
Master of Science in Agricultural Extension (Egerton University)
B. Sc. In Agricultural Education and Extension
Participatory Rural Appraisal -PRA (Egerton University)

Undertaking PhD in Agricultural Extension at Chuka University. Topic: Effects of Agricultural Innovations on Smallholder Cane Farmers Practices in Western Kenya.
2013-2014: Participated in research entitled ‘Integrated Sorghum and Livestock Production Technologies for Adaptation to Climate Change in Eastern and Southern Kenya. Currently analyzing the data.
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2. Usagi, M. B., & Abura, G. O. (2017). Determination of Tuberculosis Prevalence by Gender and Antimicrobial Resistance Profiles of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex Isolates from HIV Positive Patients in Kisumu County, Kenya. International Journal of Innovative Research and Development 6(9):81-86.
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8. 2013, November: Agriculture Teachers Perception of Secondary School Agriculture: A Case of Meru Central District, Kenya. African Journal of Basic and Applied Science
9. 2013, November: Students Perception of Secondary school Agriculture: A Case of Meru Central District, Kenya. Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities. 2(4):129 – 134.
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Sustainable Agriculture, Rural Development and Innovations uptake.

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