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Kevin Otieno Gogo

Kevin Otieno Gogo



Faculty of Science Engineering and Technology

Department of Computer Science





FIELD OF SPECIALIZATION: Smart computing, Software Engineering, and Networking

2019 – date: Lecturer in Computer Science
2015 – 2019: Assistant Lecturer in Computer Science
2013- 2015: County ICT Manager / Head of IC, Tharaka-Nithi County Government
2008 – 2013: HOD ICT and Systems Administrator at Kenya School of Government – Baringo
2007 – 2008: ICT lecturer and Systems administrator at Kenya School of Government – Baringo

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Official in a number of organizations i.e. local community, church etc.
1. Ph.D. Ongoing
2. Master of Science in Computer Science
3. Computer Science
4. Senior Management Course

2016 to date: Fuzzy logic based context aware recommender in smart E-learning content delivery
2009: Mobile agent based system for listing fundamental Wi-Fi peer-to-peer network details

1. Gogo, K. O., Nderu, L., and Mwangi R. W., Fuzzy Logic Based Context Aware Recommender for Smart E-learning Content Delivery,” IEEE 2018 5th International Conference on Soft Computing & Machine Intelligence (ISCMI), Nairobi, Kenya, pp. 114-118
2. Gogo, K., Nderu, L., and Muthengi, F, Smart E-learning content delivery system for ubiquitous devices, using Wi-Fi networks and smart board approach, International Journal of computer Science 4(Issue 2, No 9):946-953.
3. Gogo, K., (2016), Software Engineering Approaches for Designing Knowledge based Systems: A Survey, Circulation in Computer Science, 1(1):15-20
4. Gogo, K., and Kiruki, J., (2016), Trends in measuring and preventing software security weaknesses, IJARCSSE, 6(6):9-14
5. Gogo, K., and Sigar, K., (2016), Kenyan “Nyumba Kumi” Neighbourhood Information System using Artificial Intelligence, International Journal of computer applications, 144(12): 7-12
6. Gogo, K., and Opiyo, T. E., (2015), Smart classroom content delivery for pervasive devices, using context awareness and Wi-Fi networks, Creating Futures Through Research – Meeting Challenges, Embracing Opportunities & Delivering Impact, inaugural collaborative research conference by University of Sunderland, UK and INtel College, on 6-7 Nov 2015, available at
7. Gogo, K., and Gitonga, D., M. (2015), Smart e-learning environment, using wireless peer to peer networks and smart blackboard approach, Faculty of Education and Community Development Studies Conference Proceedings, Egerton University on 3rd Dec 2015, available at
8. Gogo, K., and Opiyo, T. E., (2015), Mobile agent based system for listing fundamental Wi-Fi peer-to-peer network details, International Journal of computer applications, 114(5):44-50

AI, context aware recommender systems, fuzzy logic, smart E-learning

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