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Lucy Kirigo Mureu

Lucy Kirigo Mureu



Faculty: Agriculture and Environmental Studies

Department: Environmental Studies and Resource Development





Lecturer, Wildlife Ecologist

2012-Date: Lecturer
2011-2015: Chair, Department of Environmental Studies and Resource Development
July 2010 to October 2012: Assistant Lecturer
July 2007-April 2010: Teaching assistant, Moi University.

Ph.D. in Climate Change and Adaptation (On going)
Master of Philosophy in Wildlife Management
B.Sc in Wildlife Management Advanced Certificate in Marketing Management

1. 2017 PhD Research: Influence of Fire Mediated Vegetation Changes of Above Ground Biomass Carbon in Mount Kenya Forest Ecosystem
2. 2008 to date: Team leader and later Co-PI: Kenya’s Black Rhino and habitat monitoring Project (Ol Pejeta Conservancy)
3. March 2010 African fellow: Participated in a 2-week Earth watch expedition on “Samburu communities; medicinal plants project”.
4. May 2009-August 2009: Research assistant, Environmental Impact Assessment of the Lewa Safaricom Marathon
5. 2008 Field Assistant: Kilitome/Osupuko Community Conservancy wildlife and habitat monitoring programme (AWF) (1 month, Kimana Group Ranch, Loitokitok
6. 2008 Field Assistant: Keno Community Conservancy wildlife and habitat monitoring programme and management plan development (AWF) (6 months, Mathews Ranges,)
7. 2007 Field Assistant: Design, training, and implementation of “Naibung’a Conservancy Wildlife and Habitat Monitoring Programme” (African Wildlife Foundation (3 months).
8. 2007 MPhil Research: Frugivory by Sykes monkeys (Cercopithecus mitis albogularis) at Gede forest, Kenya: implications for forest regeneration
9. 2006 Field Assistant: The status of human Wildlife Conflict in Kenya: novel technologies toward mitigation and management of conflict. (3 months). Funded by IFAW
10. 2006 Field Assistant: Non-renewable resources utilization in Samburu and Laikipia: Wildlife and livestock population status, distribution and trends in Samburu and Laikipia Districts. Dry land Livestock and Wildlife Environmental Interphase Project (DLWEIP funded by African Union Bureau for Animal Resources-AUIBAR) (1 month,)

1. Kiremu, M.K., Mureu L. K., Mutegi, J.K. & Wahungu, G.M. (2014). Enhancing sustainable land management in Kenya through policy and financing. In: Z. Khalif, C.K. Gachene, P. Gicheru, D.M. Mburu and C.G. Gakahu (Eds.). Sustainable Land Management in Drylands of Kenya: Improving land productivity through participatory research and technology transfer, p. 198-205. Nairobi, Kenya: United Nations Development Programme. ISBN 9789966180551.
2. Wahungu, G.M., Gichohi N., Onyango, I.A., Mureu, L.K., Kamaru, D., Mutisya, S., Mulama, M., Kimuyu, D.M. & Makau, J. 2012. Encroachment of open grasslands and Acacia drepanolobium Harms ex B.Y.Sjöstedt habitats by Euclea divinorum Hiern in Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya. Afr. J. Ecol. 51:130-138
3. Wahungu G. M., Mureu L. K., Kimuyu D. M., Birkett A., Macharia P.G., and Burton J (2011) Survival, recruitment and dynamics of Acacia drepanolobium Sjøstedt seedlings at Olpejeta Conservancy,Kenya, between 1999 and 2009. Afr. J. Ecol., 49; 227–233.
4. Wahungu G. M., Mureu L. K. and Macharia P. G (2009) Variability in survival and mortality of Acacia drepanolobuim Sjøstedt following prescribed burning at Olpejeta conservancy, Kenya. Afr. J. Ecol., 48; 744–750.
5. Wahungu G. M., Mureithi S., Wato Y., Mureu L. K. and Karanja G. G (2009) Seedling Survival in Manilkara butugi Chiov. (Milkberry) Along a Dispersal Gradient in Kakamega Forest, Kenya. Afr. J. Ecol., 48; 783-790

Climate Change and Natural Resources, Environmental Education and Policy, Primate Ecology and Behaviour, Animal-Plant Interactions, Human-Wildlife Interactions.

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