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Martin Kagiki Njogu

Martin Kagiki Njogu

Assistant Lecturer


Faculty: Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Department: Plant Sciences





Plant Molecular Breeding and Horticulture

2012 to Date: Assistant Lecturer, Plant Sciences Department
March 2009-November 2012: Lecturer, Ministry of Livestock Development, Animal Health Industry and Training Institute (AHITI) Ndomba.

PhD in Plant Breeding and Genetics- On going, Nanjing Agricultural University, China.
Master of Science in Horticulture, University of Nairobi
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, University of Nairobi

1. Kaijing Zhang. Yifan Wei, Martin Kagiki Njogu. Xing Wang. Qunfeng Lou. Ji Li. Jinfeng Chen., (2019). Genetic mapping of angular leaf spot resistance to Pseudomonas syringae pv. lachrymans in a Cucumishystrix introgression line of cucumber, Euphytica Springer Nature B.V. (2019) 215:176
2. Njogu M.K., Gathungu G K., Muchiri P.D., (2015). Comparative Effects of Foliar Application of Gibberellic Acid and Benzylaminopurine on Seed Potato Tuber Sprouting and Yield of Resultant Plants. American Journal of Agriculture and Forestry.Vol. 3, No. 5, pp. 192-20.
3. Muchiri P. D., Gathungu G. K.., Njogu M. K., Nyankanga R. O., Ambuko J., Landeo J. A (2015) Optimization of seed potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Tuber Dormancy and Sprouting Capacity through Integrated Gibberellic Acid and Benzyl aminopurine Application. Journal of Agriculture and Ecology Research International 4(4): 1 88-198, 2015; Article no. JAERI.2015. 064 ISSN: 2394- 1073
4. Muindi E. M., Mrema J. P., Semu E., Mtakwa P. W., Gachene C. K. and Njogu M. K. (2015) Lime-Aluminum-Phosphorus Interactions in Acid Soils of the Kenya Highlands American Journal of Experimental Agriculture 9(4): 1-10, 2015, Article no. AJEA .2 0220 ISSN: 223 1-0606
5. Njogu, M.K., Muindi, E.M, Muthomi J.W., Nyankanga, R.O., Muchiri, P.M (2014). Phytophthora infestans responses to stinging nettle extract, phosphoric acid and fungicides combination, in Kenya. Direct Research Journal of Agriculture and Food Science Vol .2 (9), pp. 128-134 ISSN 2354- 4147
6. Njogu, M.K., Nyankanga, R.O., Muthomi, J.W., Muindi, E.M (2014). Studies on the effects of stinging nettle extract, phosphoric acid and conventional fungicide combinations on the management of potato late blight and tuber yield in the Highlands of Kenya. Direct Research Journal of Agriculture and Food Science. 2 (8), PP. 119-127. ISSN 2354-4147
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9. Nyankanga, R.O., Njogu, M.K., Muthomi, J.W., Olanya, M. (2012). Efficacy of fungicide combinations, phosphoric acid and plant extract from stinging nettle on potato late blight management and tuber yield. Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection 45(12) 1449-1463

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