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Peris Wangari Nderitu

Peris Wangari Nderitu



Faculty of Agriculture & Environmental Studies

Department: Plant Sciences





FIELD OF SPECIALIZATION: Agricultural Entomology & Pathology
Ph.D. in Crop Protection (Ongoing)
Master of Science in Crop Protection
B.Sc. in Horticulture

1. 2009-2011: Field evaluation of insect pests and diseases attacking mulberry in Kenya. Morphological and molecular characterization of mulberry accessions grown in Kenya
2. 2015-2020: Integrated management of the tomato leaf miner (Tuta absoluta) in tomato in Kirinyanga County, Kenya in collaboration with Kopert Biological Systems LTD
1. Ochieng, O &Nderitu, P 2011 ‘Biocontrol approach to management of green peach aphid Myzuspersicae in garden peas for a sustainable ecosystem,’ Journal of Horticulture and forestry, 3(8):231-237
2. Nderitu, P, Kinyua, M, Mutui, T & Ngode, L 2012 ‘Field evaluation of mulberry accessions for susceptibility to foliar diseases in Uasin-Ngishu District, Kenya’, African Journal of Biotechnology, 11(15):3569 3574.
3. Nderitu, P, Kinyua, M, Mutui, T & Ngode, L. 2013 ‘Use of SSR markers for genetic diversity studies in mulberry accessions grown in Kenya’, International Journal of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Research 4 (3):38-44
4. Nderitu, P, Kinyua, M, Mutui, T & Ngode, L 2014 ‘Morphological Characterization of Mulberry (Morus spp.) Accessions grown in Kenya’, Sustainable Agriculture Research Journal 3(1) ISSN1927-050X
5. Kiptoo, J, Kasina, M, Wasilwa, L, Ngouajio, T, Martin, T, Too, A, Cheboi, J & Nderitu, P 2015 ‘Disease severity on cabbage protected from arthropod pests with insecticide treated agronets in Kenya’, American journal of experimental agriculture 9 (5):1-10.
6. Nderitu Wangari Peris and Ngode Lucas, 2016 ‘Susceptibility of Mulberry Accessions Grown in Kenya to Insect Pests under Field Conditions’ Research Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences E-ISSN 2320-6063 4(9):1-5. www.Isca.In,
7. Nderitu, W.P., Muturi, J.J., Mark, O., Esther, A. and Jonsson, M. (2018): Tomato Leaf miner (Tuta absoluta) (Meyrick 1917) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) prevalence and farmer management practices in Kirinyanga County, Kenya. – Journal of Entomology and Nematology 10: 43–49.
8. Nderitu Wangari Peris, Arunga Esther, Mattias Jonsson, Otieno Mark, John Jamleck Muturi (2020): Evaluation of Tomato varieties for resistance to tomato leafminer (Tuta absoluta) in Kirinyaga County, Kenya. African Journal of Horticultural Sciences 17:19-30.
9. Nderitu Wangari Peris, Mattias Jonsson,Arunga Esther, Otieno Mark, John Jamleck Muturi and Geoffrey O. Wafula (2020): Combining host plant resistance, selective insecticides and biological control agents for integrated management of Tuta absoluta. Advances in Agriculture Hindawi Journals Vol. 2020,

Agricultural entomology & pathology, crop protection, environmental conservation and sustainability research

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