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Prof. David Nyaga Bururia Ph.D.

Prof. David Nyaga Bururia Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Religion

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Humanities






Education, Ethics and Social Theory

1986-Date – Ordained Minister of Religion
1998-2008 – Senior Graduate Teacher-Cum-Chaplain-TSC
2000-2009 – Lecturer- Kenya Methodist University
2009-2013 – Lecturer, Chuka University
2013-2019 – Senior Lecturer, Religion, Chuka University
2019-date – Associate Professor of Religion, Chuka University

Ordained Minister of Religion
Voluntary Crisis Counselling/ Advancement Services
BOM Secondary Schools

Ph.D. (Ethics & Social Theory) – San Francisco Theological Seminary, CA USA
Master of Theology (Counselling In Christian Education) – Columbia Theological Seminary, GA, USA
Bachelor of Education Arts – University of Nairobi, Kenya
Bachelor of Divinity – St. Paul’s University, Kenya

1. Bururia, D. N. (2015). Effect of Levels of Awareness and Impact of of HIV/AIDS among Christians in Meru South Sub County, Kenya. Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (957-962).
2. Bururia, D. N. (2015). Factors leading to Lowering of Dignity of Pastoral Ministry in Kenya: A case of Chuka and Magumoni Presbyterian Churches. Scholars J Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (963-967).
3. Bururia, D. N. & Nyaga J. N. (2015). Demystifying Negativism of Carthe edulis and Focusing on its Religious, Social-economic and Educational Significance: A case of Meru North Region in Meru County, Kenya. Journal of Environmental Sustainability Advancement Research (60-67).
4. Bururia, D. N. (2015). Divorcing Graciously and Re-marrying Honourably: An African Christian Church Response. Journal of Religious Studies (131-136).
5. Bururia D. N. (2016). Need and Extent of Religion as a Catalyst for Management of Guidance and Counselling to students in Kenyan Schools. International Journal of Education (95-100).
6. Muriuki, L. M.; Bururia, D. N.; & Mutegi, J. ;( 2016). Determinants of Religious Tourism Branding Tactics in Kenya: A Cross-Sectional Approach. SAGE: Tourism and Hospitality Research (1-14).
7. Bururia, D. N.; (2017). Dilemma and Contradictions faced by Adherents in African Context in Coping with Married Marriages. International Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education (1-4).
8. Bururia, D.N. & Muktar, R.M. 2017. Radicalization of youth and factors contributing to participation in Violence in Garissa, Kenya. International J Humanities, Social Sciences and Education. (1-8).
9. Mathai, L. M. & Bururia, D. N. (2018). Assessment of Religious initiated Programmes as Intervention mechanisms in curbing HIV/AIDS pandemic in Kenya. Some selected programmes in Meru South Sub County, Kenya. International Journal of Arts and Science (30-36).
10. Ndunjo, M. K. Kagema, D. K. & Bururia, D. N. (2018). Traditional versus Modernism: The Persistence of Tharaka Traditional world-view among the Evangelical converts in Tharaka, Kenya. Research on Humanities and Social Sciences (33-39).

Education, Ethics and Social Theory
1. PhD: Assessment of Kenyan Pilgrimages: A Need for Developing Religious Tourism in the Coast, Western and Eastern Regions
2. PhD: Needs Assessment and Utilization of Counselling Services among students in Kenya Universities.
3. PhD: Relationship between Teachers’ Self Efficacy in Teaching HIV/AIDS Education and students’ Knowledge Towards Sexual Behaviour in Secondary Schools in Coast Region
4. Ph.D: Tharaka Traditional Worldview And Implications on Christian disciple Ship among Evangelicals of Tharaka
5. Community in Tharaka Nithi County Kenya
6. Assessment of Alcohol and Drug abuse Mitigation Programmes among the Youth in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa

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