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Prof. Zachary Njogu Waita,PhD

Prof. Zachary Njogu Waita,PhD

Professor of Literature

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Humanities,






Chuka University: Full Professor, December, 2019
Chuka University: Associate Professor, August, 2014 – 2019
Chuka University: Senior Lecturer, March, 2008 to August, 2014
Egerton University: Senior Lecturer, March 2005 to February 2008.
Egerton University: Lecturer, Dec. 1990 to March 2005.
Moi University: Tutorial Fellow/Lecturer, August, 1988-1990.
University of Nairobi: Graduate Assistant, 1983-1985.
Ag. Deputy Vice- Chancellor, (AFPD) Chuka University June, 2018 – date
Director, Board of Undergraduate Studies and Field Attachments, Chuka University 2011 – date
Chairman, Department of Arts and Humanities, Chuka University College 2009- 2011
Ag. Chairman of Department, Department of Literature Egerton University, 1992- 1993
Journalist, Reporter, Producer, Editor: Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. 1982 – 1988. Freelancing: Nation and Standard Newspapers.
Commission for University Education: Peer Reviewer

1. External Examiner: Moi University, Kenya, 2006 to 2011; Karatina University, Kenya, 2011 to 2017; University of Kabianga, Kenya, 2015 to date; Laikipia University, Kenya. 2017 to date
2. Chair, Kirinyaga County Education Board, 2013 – date
3. Member, Governing Council, Tes College (2009 – date
4. Member, Governing Council, St. Andrews Theological and Development College (ACK Kabare, 2016- date
5. Founder and Board Member, Collaborative Centre for Gender and Development. 1996 – date
6. Member, Board of Governors, Kerugoya Girls High School, Kirinyaga County 2009 to 2015
7. Founder and Member of Board of Governors, St. Francis, Waigiri High School, Kirinyaga, 2009 to 2015
8. Chairman, Board of Governors, St. James Kiaritha Secondary School, Kirinyaga County, 2012 to date
9. Board Member, Kirinyaga Central, District Education Board. 2009 – 2014

1. Writers Association of Kenya, (Member)
2. International Society for Oral Literature in Africa, (Member)
3. Kenya Oral Literature Association, (Member)

1. PhD (African Literature). University of Cape Town, 2004. Focused on literary communication in Kenya.
2. MA (Literature). University of Nairobi, 1988. Studied: Literature via coursework, examination and thesis.
3. Postgraduate Diploma (Journalism and Mass Communication). Awarded by University of Nairobi, 1987.
4. BA (Literature, Sociology, Government). University of Nairobi, 1981.

1. Chuka University Postgraduate students research funds award for PhD Project, ‘Reading the Romance Motif in Narrative Construction of Selected Kikuyu Popular Songs’, by Kangangi Wanja Eunice. 2019
2. Chuka University Postgraduate students research funds award for MA Project, ‘Form and Content in Modern Marebeta Performances in Gichugu Constituency, Kirinyaga County’ by Caroline Gachoki. 2019.
3. Trainer for the Collaborative Center for Gender and Development (CCGD), P.O. Box 4869 Nairobi
4. Specialist cultural trainer for Elderhostel Groups (Canada and USA) Egerton University, Agricultural Resources Centre, P. O. Box 536, Njoro, Kenya.
5. IDRC/CCGD Project on Supporting Business Opportunities for Rural Women in East and Southern Africa: The Case for Zimbabwe, Kenya Uganda 2017.
7. IDRC/CCGD research project on ‘Reducing the Vulnerability to Sexual and
8. Lead Consultant; Curriculum Development for the Institute for Gender and Development Studies, P.O. Box 4869, Nairobi, 2008
9. Lead trainer, ‘Social-Cultural and Gender Issues’, for PLAN International- Kenya, Eastern, Community Training in the Management, Operation and Maintenance of Boreholes in Mbeere District. 2000
10. Lead Consultant in the development of a gender analysis tool kit for the Forum of African Women Educationalists, P. O. Box 53168, Nairobi. 1999.
11. Consultant- Gender and development training for women political leaders. (Various political parties). 1998
12. Principal researcher/consultant for the JICA study team on Community Based Small Holder Irrigation Development Project for the promotion of horticultural production on the foothills of Mt. Kenya. 1997
13. Consultant/trainer for the UNICEF project, Education for Girls and Education for All. 1997/1998
14. Consultant- Engendering Ms Kenya (Danish Volunteer Organization) Projects. 1997/1998.
15. Team leader-Ford Foundation/KOLA project on Oral Testimonies and National Development, Nyeri District, 1997
16. I.E.C. Specialist, Catholic Diocese of Nakuru/ Ministry of Health, HIV/AIDS training and sensitization project, 1996.
17. Researcher, NORAD/KOLA project: ‘Gender Conflicts in Inheritance and Control of Resources.’ 1994/95.
18. University of Nairobi Postgraduate Scholarship Award- 1983
19. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Journalism Scholarship Award-1986
20. University of Cape Town International Postgraduate Scholarship Award- 2001
21. University of Cape Town Travel Bursary Award- 2002
22. University of Cape Town Lestrade Award in African Languages- 2003

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Successfully Supervised 22 Masters and PhD students to date

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