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A Welcome Message from the University Librarian

Access to quality library service is a critical factor in quality teaching, learning and research. For university students, a library provides reading resources and services to support fulfillment of class assignments, development of research skills and lifelong learning. Particularly students use the library for further independent reading, a deeper personal academic reflection and understanding of the subject study. Therefore the library, beyond class lectures, provide an opportunity for students to engage with global experts of the subject of study, engage and analyze different ideas and discover the deeper meaning of what they study and its application in real life situations. Through consistent use of the library students grow to be experts in their own fields with extensive knowledge and skills to perform well after graduation

Education world-wide is embracing online, distance and electronic learning (ODEL) model as a way of delivering academic programmes. Due to COVID-19 challenges, there has been unprecedented shift of learning to virtual environments. Accordingly Chuka University has implemented a digital library service to ensure all students/lecturers even locations away from the university have access to e-books, e-journals and other reading materials for their learning activities. Students are also provided with support services to retrieve and use information from the digital library by a team of qualified and committed library staff.

On behalf of the library team I welcome you all to the university digital library portal on the university website, to access carefully selected digital information resources that cover all fields of study in the university. I specially invite you to engage with our library support team leaders assigned to each faculty/ School/Department for further assistance.

On our part as library team we are working with Deans of Faculty, CODs, lecturers and class reps to ensure every student has a smooth access to the digital library service.

I wish each one of you an enriching scholarly experience with our digital library service and success in your studies at Chuka University.

Prof. Joseph M. Kavulya

The University Librarian


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