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8th Chuka University Annual International Research Conference


Chuka University was established as the 2nd Chartered and 9th Full-Fledged Public University in Kenya in 2013 and is ISO 9001:2015 Certified. It is located in Chuka Town in Tharaka-Nithi County at approximately 186 km from Nairobi City along the Nairobi-Meru Highway. Chuka University has a triple core Mission of Education, Research and Extension. Great strides have been made in delivery of higher education. Impressive strides have been made in pursuit of research and delivery of extension services in Kenya. The University desires to strengthen and sustain these milestones through the 8th International Research Conference.


1. To share effective strategies and technologies for mitigating impacts of pandemics.
2. To deploy new knowledge in policy setting to mitigate impacts of pandemics.
3. To interrogate higher education strategies for accelerating pandemic recovery.
4. To forge collaborative partnerships for sustainable pandemic recovery.


The theme of this Conference is: Higher Education Strategies for Mitigating Impacts of Pandemics (HESMIP). It is in line with modern timesĀ  that require developing advanced research strategies and technologies for combating emerging health and socio-economic threats of pandemics. It is anticipated that it will contribute effective and efficient strategies for mitigating the ravages of pandemics. Together with the subthemes, it aspires to link scholars, researchers, industrialists and policy-makers to establish firm partnerships for restoration of thriving and safe new world order


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