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Kenya Vision 2030 is the government of Kenya’s blueprint for the county’s development by the year 2030. The Vision is built on three key pillars: the economic, social and political pillars. The economic pillar strives to achieve a sustainable economic growth of 10% per annum. Provision of financial services
is a major ingredient to the consolidation and realization of the tenets of this pillar. The social pillar aims to improve the quality of life of all Kenyans. It strives to achieve a just and cohesive society enjoying equitable social development in a secure and clean environment. Education is one of the
key drivers of the social pillar. The political pillar envisions an issue based, people centred, result oriented and accountable democratic system.

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Corporate Service Charter

Chuo kikuu cha Chuka kimejitolea kutoa huduma za viwango vya juu. Katika kufanya hivyo, kitazingatia viwango vya utoaji huduma mbali mbali.Bonyeza Hapa Kwa Maelezo Zaidi

Chuka University is committed to high standards. In this regard, it shall apply the following standards in service delivery:
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